The Sheepdog

Many people ask about the sheepdog. What does it mean? Why is that a reference? The meaning of a Sheepdog is a person who stands ready to defend the sheep from the wolves. See the sheep know the wolf exist, but choose to ignore him. They feel that if they just ignore the fact that he will deal violence on them he will go away. The wolf knowing that out of fear the sheep allow him to prey at will goes about his business of killing and surviving on the weak. The Sheepdog scares the sheep. He looks a lot like a wolf dirty, hairy and violent. They wish he would just go away. The sheepdog accepts the feelings of the sheep; as he has taken a pledge to defend them from the wolf and themselves. He will ensure their safety in spite of their judgements of him. We should all live together and protect each other without judgement. We must all acknowledge the fact that the wolf and his ilk will continue to prey on those who choose to deny his existence. We must all be sheepdogs!

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