As we move through our day we have a task to perform. It may be a job, a responsibility or a project for a friend. As we complete our task; alone or in a group, the opportunity to lead may present itself. Leadership is not being in charge. Leadership is not watching a task being completed. Leadership is setting an example to those assisting and observing from afar. Leadership is placing the needs of the task above your own. A leader is constantly looking for ways to assist those performing the task; while engaged in it themselves. We have all heard that the leader eats last. This is because as a leader they are ensuring the safety and comfort of the people they lead. A Marine LT Colonel is in a lot of trouble for exposing the failure of his leaders. As a Commander he placed his Marines well being above his own. This has caused him some difficulties that he may not overcome. This is the cost of leadership. The leader is willing and capable of excepting the consequences of protecting those they lead. Leadership is a difficult task and demands the respect of those leaders above you. When asked to lead remember that leadership is about identifying the strengths, weaknesses and placing those under your charge above yourself.

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