Surrounded by Information

If the signers of the Declaration of Independence had access to the information of today would they have written a different document? I say not, as these men had wisdom. Instant information does not necessarily translate to wisdom. Wisdom is the accumulation of knowledge and the intellectual fortitude to ponder its worth. A wise man knows what he doesn’t know and accepts it. Today we as a people are constantly barraged with information. Because of this some people think themselves wise. While information is vital it is the smallest variable in the equation. Being able to determine with certainty the truthfulness of the information, the viability and reasoning behind its release are the greater variable. We should all strive to be wise. Take the information and research it to the criteria above. Determine whether it is hyperbolic or vitriol. If it is not accurate and purely emotionally driven it should be dismissed with facts. Let each of us find wisdom and practice our own reflection of the information we receive. Be wise and the knowledge will come. A Wise Man Knows What He Doesn’t Know!! Be safe and don’t allow the hyperbolic onslaught of information to overwhelm your common sense and logical thinking!

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