We hold these truths to be self evident. Fairly concise statement. What is truth? The accurate and unbiased disclosure of a fact, is the truth. The world today is filled with facts, numbers and experts. Most information we receive is not accurate or unbiased. Most of the information disseminated on a majority of the platforms is hyperbolic, inaccurate and heavily biased. Self Evident means that the individual through logic and classical education knows the truth. it is up to us to ensure the facts are given truthfully. The individual is responsible for holding accountable any individual who speaks a non truth. The censorship taking place in this country does not allow for a dissenting voice contrary to the propaganda. We each must be that voice. We each must be accurate and unbiased in our discussions and interactions. We each are the voice of Freedom, Justice and the American way. Hold the line, be brave and above all else be the Truth!

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