Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day. A day to honor our most sacred Relic. As the founding document and rule of law of our country, it is more important than any other document. We request our elected officials to affirm they will uphold and defend this document. The military swears to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. It is the Constitution that defines our Republic. It is the document that reigns in an overreaching government. The Constitution does not list what rights the government grants, it outlines the rights they cannot constrain. As we see the ever increasing influence of socialism into the Democratic Party; and their constant pressure to stifle any dissenting voice, when will the people who have sworn before God to defend the Constitution stand. When will the people; who through deceit and subterfuge defile the Constitution, be held accountable. We must honor the most sacred document and ensure it is preserved as the rule of law for our future generations.

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