Despotic Rule

America was established by rugged, free individualist. A people United to the cause of their own individual freedoms. These were people who were looking for a life free of an elite ruling class determining their individual destiny. The America of today has fallen. We no longer live in a free society. We have stood idly by and watched evil men do evil upon us. We now face the imposition of Corporate and governmental over reach. The current despot in chief has mandated that corporations and government will determine your destiny. The transformation of our republic to a socialist society is happening now. Where are the minutemen? Where are the intellectuals? Where are the good men? Have we become so dumbed down we can no longer stand on our own? Have we become so lazy we are unwilling to take action against our own demise? The rugged individualism that created this country has died. It went without a tear or eulogy. The time has come to regain this trait that is unique to The United States of America. The time for good men to stand idly by has passed. We must use the freedoms we are granted from God to turn the tide of suffering and despotism yet to come. Go to every meeting, run for every seat, write and speak the truth. Use the law and constitution as your shield and sword. Use the very freedom they repress to fight the deluge of insanity currently taking place. Arise minutemen! Use the modern musket of language, laws and freedom. Make these leftists earn every inch they gain. Fight in the courts, the elections and on the phones. We can no longer sit idly by and do nothing as we continue to be beaten down as subjects instead of a rugged, free individual!

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