Country Boy Can Survive

Hank Jr knew the truth. You can’t starve us out and can’t make us run. You can drive us into poverty and take away our ability to survive. As small town America is slowly drained of its future generations by a lack of opportunity and economic development. What fills the vacuum? Well the Democrat Party has a solution! Resettlement of illegal aliens on our dime into these small economically depressed areas, then surround the city around it with transplants from blue states. These people will continue to vote Democrat, and the illegals needing a hand out to survive will support the hand that feeds them. Then allow the remaining Citizens to be subjugated by mandates and controls of an unelected bureaucracy. We as Americans must wake up and realize we are under attack. The current administration and who ever is pulling the strings of the puppet president have no respect for you, your rights or the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend. We must be prepared and organized to withstand the continual attack of our rights and the Republic we were given. A country boy can survive if he is allowed to be free. Take away his opportunity and individualism and he is just another subject! Be aware of your community and be active in its governance!

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