Not for me but for thee!

As the socialists scream for equity and democracy, they flit around above the mandates they inflict on the rest of us. They are acting as if the laws and mandates do not apply to them. Acting as if they are above the rest of us. That is not very equitable, that is not following the rules set forth by the mob. Why would they believe they are above reproach or question? They believe that by flitting around pronouncing their wokeness to each other that they can’t be questioned or condemned. The media treats them as if they are an elite class of citizen. This is the world we now live in. Socialism is a mental disease, the idea that all must fail so that the population will be equal is insanity. We will be equal in poverty, suffering and disease. By we I mean the non elite ruling class. The ruling class who have destroyed the intellectual, the craftsman and the free thinker, will behave as if the world is right. They will not suffer, they will not have hunger or disease. Every nation that has taken the socialist route is this way. The elites eat drink and are merry on the backs of the population. These are usually ignorant, lazy and incapable people who have grand designs and no means to accomplish anything. These are the people currently running the show we are in now. Weak, immoral and buffoonish clowns incapable of surviving outside of government or its programs. The only accomplishment; being elected by a population unable to understand the consequences. The time to stand is now! Be involved in your governance and show them that opportunity and hard work is the only path. Show these moronic clowns that the responsibility of leadership is For Me and Not for Thee! Show these inept, incompetent socialist that we the people are in charge and they are out!

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