The Pain of Age

As we grow older and have more behind us than in front of us we realize that our mistakes become the problems of the children. If you are able to look at the future of the children born today and see an opportunity for freedom and success you are delusional. We have allowed our Republic to fall into the hands of tyrants. We have sold the future of the children for our own benefit. As adults we are responsible for leaving a legacy of success for the future generations in our charge. It is our responsibility to teach them that they are responsible for themselves and only they can fail or succeed on their merit. We are responsible for teaching them a just morality that will allow them to interact with all people without judgement. We are responsible for teaching them the greatness of freedom. We teach them by living a just and upright life. By being the best example of the opportunity one can achieve by being intelligent, frugal and fair in all our actions. We have nothing to show them that is not corrupted by socialism and political correctness. If we speak and live the truth, we are labeled as extremist and outside societal norms. The pain of age is realizing that you have failed the ones you were supposed to raise, the ones who were a gift for you to nurture and show the way. The path is clouded by bias and divisive talk. If we fail now all the sacrifice and bloodshed were for naught! If you have a future generation hold them close and protect them! Show them through your actions that hope is realized in freedom!

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