Afghanistan a Review

As I sit contemplating the failure currently taking place in Afghanistan it occurred to me that the American Citizen means nothing to the current administration. We have; as in the past, abandoned our allies who assisted us in rooting out the terrorist assembly point. However, it appears now that we are also abandoning American Citizens in Afghanistan. Americans, our fellow countrymen, friends and neighbors are being abandoned in a foreign country we allowed to be overrun by terrorist. These Americans and our allies have already been identified. The sympathizers who are stranded will be killed by these animals. The citizens, our brothers and sisters, left behind will at best be killed. At worst be used as hostages to manipulate the current administration. I try to not use emotions when I write, however the time has come to emote. We as Citizens of America, we Better wake up, stand up and fight to save this country! I have a patch on my bag that sums it all up! No one is coming; it is up to us! We must keep our head and work hard to reestablish our Constitution, our Rights and Our Freedom! To the citizens abandoned by our government our prayers are with you! To our allies left behind, you fought the good fight. Remember the people who made this decision do not represent America. These people represent the Democratic Party and will decimate whatever or whomever gets in their way. To the military; remember you fought for us and the people beside you. You did the job that you were asked to do. This fiasco is no reflection on your ability, courage or sacrifice. Till tomorrow! Be safe and keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

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