The Coming of Fall

Here in the south we have false fall, summer and finally fall. In other areas of the country spring is thought of as a rebirth a new beginning. Down here Fall is considered the rebirth. Hunting season starts, the temperature drops and we begin the harvest. The cool nights bring friends together around campfires with a good bourbon pour. We look forward to the slow time as fall moves into winter. The work is done and we can enjoy some down time with friends and family. Living in the western part of the south we enjoy the change of the hardwoods from green and lush to a collage of color that only nature can produce. The woods open up and long walks are treasures that have no measure anywhere else in the world. The fall is the dream of all southern people as the mosquitoes and snakes find a hole and the woods are silent and still. Welcome fall with your calm and quiet and the many memories of ducks, bird dogs and deer. My best life lessons were learned at the back of a bird dog or the front of a pack of deer hounds. The lessons of consideration, politeness and respect are passed down through the rights of a hunting season. To all the men who took the time to make me a man, thank you! Another fall is coming and the tradition will continue. Raise a glass to the silence of the fall woods and the time spent becoming a man! I welcome fall and all its traditions and gifts.

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