Words speak louder than actions

Had a rather disagreeable encounter with a self important person today. They endangered the safety and well being of myself and several others on a job site. When the mistake was brought to the attention of their boss their reaction was one of profanity and a raised voice. Rather than admit the mistake they turned to vulgar and accusatory language. In my youth this would of caused me to escalate the situation until they lost control. Now I just walk away. We should remember when dealing with irresponsible, uneducated individuals to just walk away. To not allow them through aggressive behavior to deflect from their responsibility. Demonstrate the facts and walk away. This individual is unable to perform and function in a manner that necessitates my time and energy. In today’s world; we are losing because we allow the unhinged to control the argument thereby putting us on the defensive and causing us to do and say things emotionally. Remove emotions and replace it with facts and logic. Nothing makes the idiotic look worse than by failing to engage emotionally. Never argue with a fool. From a distance no one knows which is which!

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