The Republic is Dead!

The idea that we live in a free society is just that, an idea. The current administration has determined that free thinking independent citizens are dangerous subjects. The progressives who determine policy have unleashed a woke bureaucracy on the citizen. The non citizen is exempt from this persecution unless they have arrived from a currently socialist nation. The FBI is forcing google to give up search history and establishing key word protocols for warrants. The attorney general has unleashed the woke FBI on parents who ask questions or question the authority of elected school boards about how their children are educated. The truth is that we are all now subjects. No longer shall thought outside of the societal norms established by the current progressive regime be allowed. Dissent and Free speech, the backbone of our republic, have been outlawed. The veterans who served the citizen in defense of our Constitution have been labeled as a threat. The threat is not against the people the threat is that they will stand against the tyranny that is coming. I am proud to be an American, born of hardship and sweat. Taught by men who stood their ground and defended hearth and home. I am proud to be an independent thinker, to research and reach my conclusions with facts and data instead of emotion and social pressure. To my forefathers I apologize for standing idly by and giving away what was earned with blood, sweat and tears. The sacrifice that was made for our benefit was squandered for acceptance by a society that has no spine. We still have a chance they say. I see no future for this great proud nation, God blessed America, we denied his gifts of freedom and plenty. We have replaced our faith in God with the opinion of man. The consequences of relenting to a perverse and evil society will be reaped for generations. God Bless America, those who understand and appreciate freedom will be persecuted and ostracized until the word American is lost to history. A republic ma’am if you can keep it! We have lost!

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