Whipping Boy….

As society spirals towards the inevitable solution of tyranny and socialism, there must be a whipping boy. The whipping boy bore the brunt of the misbehavior of his aristocratic master. Since being of royal blood he could not be punished the whipping boy stood in for the misdeeds of his master. In today’s society free thinkers and patriots are the whipping boys. As we question the edicts of the self appointed aristocracy every ill upon the subjects is our fault. Your car won’t start, conspirators! You can’t get the new TV you want, conspirators! As society no longer accepts the premise that they are responsible for their own actions, someone must be held accountable for the loathsome existence they find themselves in. While accepting punishment for the crimes or failure of others is difficult, wear those stripes as a badge of honor. Never waiver from free thought and the independent spirit of a free people. In due time the weight of society will collapse and the free independent individual will prevail. Sleep soundly with a clear conscience that you have done no harm and have done your best to educate and care for others. You can only beat a dog so many times before you get bit!

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