American, what does this mean? The American is not based on a geographical location nor political viewpoint. The American is an idea. As Americans we are unified by our independent individualism. We unite to protect our free thought, expression and independence. We do not need to be part of the overall majority. Only willing to defend each individuals right to be free. America is not the land of the many, it is the home of the free. The idea of societal compliance with a single mindset is ridiculous to the American. We stand not for your ideas but the ability to have them and express them. The American is becoming a rare breed, free thought and independent living are now demonized by the insinuation of democracy. We are not a group think nation. We are a Republic of free people who only want to be left alone. We are not a mob and wish not to be forced to succumb to group think. Long live the rugged individualist, long live the dying breed of Americans!


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