The Coming of Fall

As we begin the slow decent into fall, it becomes a time of reflection and joy. The best memories of my life were always in the fall. Harvesting the final crop from a bean field, watching the bird dogs becoming more eager as the weather cooled. Times in the field ahead of a pack of walkers waiting for the elusive white tailed deer. Walking amongst the beagles as we all, man and dog alike, relished the chase of the cotton tail. Walking far and wide at the back of a pair of pointers waiting for the bell to stop ringing and the whir of Bob White Quail. These were the days of my youth, a time when more time was available for family. Shorter days and longer nights meant less work and more time listening to stories of who we were and the suffering that gave us what we had. Meals were heartier and warmed the bones of young and old alike. I relish the fall for it brings quiet and calm to a chaotic world. The land and men rest in preparation for the spring. The winter provisions of food and wood prepared in the heat of the summer to provide warmth and sustenance are waiting to be put to work. The Thanksgiving meals were planned and executed with care and the joy of seeing family at the table of our grandfathers was always a happy time. Welcome fall with your cold wind and dropping leaves. Welcome calm and quiet, as we rest in preparation for winters chill and springs rebirth.

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