Buddy Check tis the season!

As we begin the best time of the year, in my opinion, check in a little more often. Longer cold nights and shorter days means less social interactions. Running into neighbors in the yard will slowly diminish. Add these factors to the stress of the social gatherings of the season can create greater isolation. Sitting alone on a cold dreary night may bring old ghost to visit. Pick up the phone, send a text. Invite someone to participate in your family celebration. Light a fire, a cigar and a open a bottle for some quiet time amongst friends. As we become more ensconced in our own activities we may forget those who need some companionship as well. The Holiday season can be very difficult for those who lost friends in combat. Some look for crowds some look for solitude. Either way just a quick buddy check will let them know they are not forgotten and you are available to give them a space to vent. Check in with your buddies!! 22 a day is to many!

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