Wild Men

What will happen when the wild men have gone? When the pathfinder and adventurer have been tamed? What will happen when the free independent thinker has been silenced? The men who venture forth into wild places are slowly fading into antiquity. We now find pleasure, not in the hinterland but in the screen of our electronic world. We seek our challenges and adventures in the safe confines of our electronics. Why go forth and live amongst the trees? They can be seen on the screen. The skills and attributes of the wild men were developed through trial and error. These men rely on their skill and knowledge to overcome the adversity of the wild. Learning as they go to problem solve and learn. Failure, at times is perilous, other times merely an inconvenience. These skills and traits are important to society. They build character and acceptance to adversity. The will to succeed no matter the sacrifice. What will we be when the wild men are gone? We will be a lesser race void of appreciation for the wonder and harshness of nature. We will be without passion or realization of accomplishment. We will be without free will!

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