Today finds me in a recollective state of mind. As I am sitting outside watching my dog Gunny play with a stick and roll in the sunshine on a cold afternoon, I find myself reflecting on what is lost. We have been given a choice. Think for yourself or succumb to the collective. The most precious gift given to the human being is free thought and expression. We have the ability to create and learn whatever we want or can imagine. In today’s world the mob of wokeness wants no part of that. In today’s world you are not supposed to think any idea outside of the collective mob. No expression of art, literature or ideas that conflict with a totalitarian agenda. I write lyrics, poems that may be of no value to anyone but me. It is a cathartic action that allows me to express my thoughts, demons and ideas. In today’s world we have been censored, maligned and persecuted for expressing any information or idea outside the propaganda of the mob. Why have we allowed this to happen? What value is there in eliminating a dissenting voice? Feelings? Emotional response? This is not a valid reason! The fact that an idea creates a feeling or emotion is the intent of the expression. The desire to prove or invalidate the idea is why we express them. Are there ideas that I disagree with? Absolutely. However rather than silence the voice I research and find if it is valid. I accept that your view is different from mine; and if it is a good enough topic, we can discuss it over a fine cigar and proper bourbon. We may not disagree but the dialogue will allow us to walk away either more knowledgeable of a subject or agreeing to disagree. Let’s bring back the free thinkers, the manipulation of words and ideas. Let’s allow us to return to the days of true freedom in our thoughts, expressions and decisions. Let us become a free nation once more unencumbered by the need for acceptance by the mob who limp along like sheep to shearing shed!

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