Being the Master of you… sort of!

No man can serve two masters. However man being easily manipulated will try. We as humans need to learn that narrow is the path and straight is the way. We cannot continue to try and fit our choices to the needs of an overreaching bureaucracy. If we are just and upright individuals we must make our own decisions and stand fast with the choice. People feel the need to fit in, be accepted. We must regain our own identity and serve ourselves as the master of us. We have dominion over our choices. We also seek guidance from a higher power, whom through an excellent sense of humor gave us free will. The duplicitous nature of an individual with free will is to think that they have all the answers, while struggling to gain knowledge. We are a fickle species in that we know what to do and fail to do what is required. Make a choice serve yourself and the mob, or acknowledge that there can only be one master. Good or evil the choice is yours! Don’t be wavering in your decision serve the master that serves your best interest and peace of mind.

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  1. Wil Rogers says:

    Well said, brother, and profound in it’s truth. Thank you.


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