Cold Clear Skies

As I was out taking Gunny out for his last walk of the night, I again found myself watching the sky. A lifetime of time outdoors has not removed the awe that is inspired by a cold clear sky. The blackness of the sky punctuated by the brightness of the stars and constellations. I stood for a minute staring at the sky like it was the first time I had witnessed the majesty of nature. Gunny does not understand the lack of progress in our journey and stand beside me wondering what is our delay. I resume my walk to his delight and my dismay. He is a loyal companion and is always alert to our surroundings. I ponder to myself does he appreciate the cold dark sky and the ever changing scene offered in the darkness? Or as he is a member of the most noble species on earth already know all that is present? He finishes his duty in our walk and seeks the warmth of home and the soft bed on which he rest. I again take a moment to stare in awe at the gift of our creator. Taking a minute to breath the cold clean air and remind myself that I am but a speck in the grand scheme of the universe. Gunny ever vigilant stands beside me, a faithful companion, ready to defend me from any harm that may befall on a dark night. As we walk back home he demonstrates the knowledge that the same Creator of the stars. The Diety that gave me life. Has given me something more awe inspiring than a star filled sky. He has given me a guardian, a noble beast to be my companion and protector at the risk of his own life. A most noble creature, the savior of mankind in his fragile physical body. When God saw that man needed assistance and protection of his physical and mental health he sent a dog, then his Son to save his soul . Sleep tight Gunny chase the squirrels tonight in your dreams.


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