2021 in Review a Synopsis

A year ago a peaceful transition of power took place. An election was held and certified by the representatives of the citizens of this country. Covid still loomed like a vulture waiting for the final breath. To some it was a problem to others an opportunity. Those now in power played down the efficacy of the vaccines prior to obtaining control. Almost immediately those now in control began the pressure to obey and conform to the will of the government. This year has been about control. Control of a virus and control of a population. The promises of unity and efficiency where discarded almost immediately upon obtaining power. The divisiveness of vaccinated against unvaccinated began. Edicts and executive orders flowed. The citizen was required to vax up and mask up while record numbers of illegals poured across our border. Jobs were lost, pipelines shutdown while more and more money was given to those unable or unwilling to work. Record inflation, record energy cost. More mandates from Mayors and Governors seeking to punish the citizens they supposedly represent. Less energy and fewer workers meant less productivity and higher prices. The basics began to slowly dwindle. A major pipeline is hacked and fuel supplies dwindle along the eastern seaboard, adding to the supply chain issues. A new variant appears, the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike are stricken with the virus. What about the vaccine efficacy? More mandates more boosters, more threats to workers who fail to comply. Now it starts to become a problem. Less productivity, more restrictions on the supply chain. Now we need energy and employees to try and catch up. Rather than go to our own energy sector we got to opec and Russia. Again a new variant, even more threats and mandates and promises of restrictions. Get the jab and a booster or be excommunicated from society. Thanksgiving arrives and the head shed says if we all behave we can gather together at thanksgiving. Supply chain is grinding to a halt as we approach Christmas, same speech as has been regurgitated all year! This country out of fear and idleness has succumbed to tyranny without a whimper. The media and social pressure has divided families, friends and our nation to the brink of failure. We now speak of injections into children 5 years old and older. We have been subjugated by the socialist to believe only they can solve all the problems. It has been one Hell of a year and I look forward to its demise. Let’s hope that all the sorrow and death of the past 2 years is behind us. Let us hope that our Republic can rise from the ashes of unnecessary collapse. My wish is for a return to normalcy and restoration of our free will and freedom. Happy New Year! May the next 12 months not be a continuing saga of oppression and sacrifice at the hands of our own elected representatives.

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