Winters Fury

Some claim, there is purity in the rain. Others enjoy the summer and the suns burning rays. Autumn a time of reflection and rest. Winter arrives no time to play, cold, dark and formidable. And then there is snow. The silence of a snow wrapped woods.
The stillness of frozen droplet suspended from a limb. The clean slate before you like a new canvas waiting to bring forth art. The world is still wrapped in quiet and calm. As the sun rises onto a snow covered landscape it show the contours of the land. Shadows cast from the trees above paint a mosaic unobstructed by foliage and rocks. Dark shadow on a pure sheet. The world in black and white. The crunch of a deer plodding from the woods, the sound of water, the free river under the ice. Life continues blanketed in pure silence. Ice produces a light show on the blank palate below as the sun is refracted through the clear pure lens of natural wonder. Many a wonder to behold during the perfect snow. The best of these is calm and quiet, peace as the world rest through winter for the rebirth of the spring. If you have the opportunity to experience high country winter, to see snow as far as you can see, to stand in awe at the beauty of a snow covered mountain, take it! Here’s to calm and quiet, a blanket of silence around. Here’s to moonlight on a snow drift and cold clear sky above! Here’s to winters fury the time of year I love!!

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