Why we Write.

Within my introduction I eluded to the fact that these short snippets of thought are therapy. A way for me to release the thoughts and ideas that gather in my psyche. Most people have a way to communicate and express themselves. Some use the brush the gentle and subtle strokes bring to life the vision in their mind. Some the camera capturing moments in time and manipulating light to portray how they see that image. Each one of these mediums is an image, a representation of the thoughts of the artist. The written word while often misunderstood and misrepresented is the true expression of the writer. Once the words are written the meaning and emotion are forever. I write to express and incite thought. The ability to speak at times escapes me as I am a regular working class man. The ability to write has given me a voice and expanded my vocabulary to communicate more effectively. Writing to an anonymous audience allows me to rattle on and express my thoughts. I write to give a voice to the voiceless, an idea to the thinker and hope for the hopeless. I hope the day never comes when free expression is muzzled and the writer, artist and photographer are bound by rules instead of free thought.

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