Without Emotion

I have been described as cold, callous and without emotion. Fairly accurate but not entirely true. I have the ability to feel and emote. I do not however allow emotions to dictate my response. I was raised to take the facts as they come , apply common sense and make a decision. In a crisis or critical situation you cannot allow emotions to rule the day. The facts are there and based only on those facts I make a decision. I see no point in considering how others may feel, how it is perceived. If the car has to be moved to save Timmy, then let’s move the car! I know that the dog may die but the man is the goal. To many decisions are made today by soft, emotional men that are to long in the making and ineffective when applied. Be accurate and emotionless in your decisions. Empathy and regret are not hallmarks of a great leader. Rapid response and application of decisive action are what we want to aspire too. I have emotions, I care about people, the logical decision making process does not allow for this to interfere in a swift resolution of a problem.

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