I was raised on John Wayne and Wyatt Earp. Good will overcome evil, a man’s word is his bond and a good days work was reward enough. Cowboys were my heroes. Justice was dealt at the end of a pistol and honor prevailed. There is a song by Jamey Johnson When the Last Cowboys Gone. It speaks of the demise of the character that made the cowboy. There is a line that goes: “Whose gonna ride us away Whose gonna do it that way Why does everything good have to change When the last cowboys gone.” Well folks it may be to late. No man can stand against the evil of the world. If Wyatt Earp were alive today he would be in prison. Standing for justice and defending the weak is now a negative character trait. Being a victim is now the norm. What would John Wayne do today. No more being a man, defending the weak and upholding the law. No more defending your honor, land and name. The cowboy way of hard work and honor have died. No one wants a hero! Now society lifts up perceived victims of real men and their beliefs. The hero is the morally corrupt and perverse. The villain is the just and upright. Time to bring back some cowboy. Stand for your honor, land and name. Ensure that justice is executed and the law is preserved. My hero’s were cowboys and the code they lived by was how I was raised. Let’s bring back the cowboy! America needs a hero!

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