Weak Men Hard Times

I am watching a intelligence report on the Russian aggression in Ukraine. It appears our weak administration is going to sit idly by and let evil rule the day. We have capitulated in Afghanistan, the Russians seeing blood in the water have decided to strike. The history of abuse by the Russians against the Ukrainian people is long and horrific. The current administration, to appease the far left socialist minority has decided to let it happen again. They say that Hard times make hard men and easy times make weak men. We have lived in the most free and prosperous country in history. Our so called poor are obese, lazy and thanks to the Department of Education illiterate. They live off of the backs of the corporation and working men and women, voting for the free meals and cell phones. Weak men and women with no drive to improve or succeed. If we allow Russia to impose its will on the Ukrainian people where will it end? We have accused the prior administration of being a co-conspirator with Putin. The first item of the agenda was removing sanctions from Russia to build a pipeline to Europe while simultaneously crippling our own energy sector. I fear the worse for the Ukrainian people. I fear even more for the Americans as once you show weakness to the Russians they will push until they break you. I learned a couple of things in the 90’s the most important one was that you don’t mess with the Russians. Russians are vindictive and a strong proud people. They will take advantage of any weakness to gain an edge. We are in serious trouble if the weak men and women in charge worry more about power than the success and freedom of the this Country. Say a prayer for Ukraine, their fall could be the beginning of a the end for this Great Nation!

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