As the sun slowly recedes below the horizon the grey light of day fades to black. Slowly and gently the stars alight. Spreading a tapestry of wonder across the ever darkening sky. The silence of the cold dark winter night surrounds you. The stillness embraces you with a calm and quiet of peace. Where do you wonder when the light fades away? Do you seek refuge in a warm room with a book by the fire? Do you turn inward as the long winters night progresses, looking for answers in the stillness? The stillness of the night listening to the sounds of the woods and streams, a place to search for truth. Some fear the night as it is when the mind awakens. Alone in your thoughts memories and fear move about freely. I have always enjoyed the night as it made me face my demons. Alone with your mind, your thoughts can expound. Fear of unrealized dreams, fear of growing old. Fear not what goes bump in the night, real or imagined it is just a problem to solve. Fear the ghost of your own self doubt, fear the mind that replays the truth. Fear is simply interest on a debt you may not owe. Sleep tight this evening warm in your bed and find peace with the thoughts that run through your head.

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