Freedom In Language

I was born in a swamp. Our home was in a place surrounded by water. Bridges and ditches, swamp and tidal flats surrounded us. I spent a lifetime on the water. We swam in the Ocean and the rivers, we survived from the Blue Crab and the Croaker. It was a good time with family. I was given the gift of reading from my Mother, she read to me everyday from the moment I was born till I started school. I found freedom and adventure in the pages of books. Before I started school, I would sit in my Grandfathers lap and read the newspaper articles to him. He enjoyed it very much. When I was nine years old I met a friend of my family. He worked as a Ocean Geographer for the Navy. He was a very interesting and intelligent man. He was fascinated by my ability to speak so effortlessly as a child. He tasked me with reading my first Novel. Chesapeake by James Michener opened my eyes to the world I lived in. The bays, rivers and wildlife of the Chesapeake lived right outside my door. It opened my eyes to the fact that these islands I lived on were really a prison. As I grew I read about places and people so far away. I began to dream of places I wanted to see. Yet trapped in a world of mediocrity and limited opportunity I saw no escape. Then came the mountains. 12 years old standing on my first peak in the Blue Ridge mountains, I felt free of the salt marsh and swamp. Cold clean air and blue skies as far as you could see. This began my journey. I have been all over America and stood on a lot of mountains. Every time I am there I feel freedom. This freedom was planted in my mind as a boy with a book. The language painted a picture of beauty and freedom. When you reach a place and the words reflect what the eye can see it is an amazing experience. Language is used to promote ideas, inspire dreams. Only through the free expression of language can small children trapped on an island escape and reach the tops of mountains. Let us promote the freedom of language. Let us continue to inspire and free the minds of the wanderer!

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