Life as a Lesson

I had a motto in my youth. Better to die knowing than live wondering! Many an adventure was accomplished by embracing this idea. Surfed hurricanes, storms on mountains never crossed my mind to quit. As I am older now I still try and embrace the idea that fear is a interest on a debt you may not owe! Tomorrow is MRI day to try and determine the cause of my malady. Pain I have never allowed to slow me down has gripped my body. Made my right hand useless for its intended purpose. It seems unfair as you reach an age of maturity when you have knowledge and experience , your body fails and tries to convince the mind you can’t. Only by continuing to drive forward can you change your mind. Take the adversity of youth, the lack of knowledge and fear, and endeavor to persevere. Use your past experience in life. Fight the limits of whatever adversity besets you and drive forward! We will get tomorrow done and meet with a Doctor. We will dictate what path we will follow and advise the doctor what regimen we will take. Better to die knowing than live wondering! Overcome the obstacles no matter the sacrifice or pain! Use your life as a lesson and example for others! Overcome and continue to live a life worth living!! Never allow your pain to control your living!!

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