As Russia continues its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the neighboring countries and NATO sit idly by. Imagine watching someone kick in you neighbors door and start killing them, and you do nothing. You stand and watch as the people you know are slaughtered and like a sheep to the slaughter you just stand there. How did this happen? How did we become a world of sheep? We as a population have allowed a select group of self appointed dictators to take away our rights and common sense. How have so few wolves managed to control such a large flock? No one will stand with their neighbors, except to film on their phone what is happening. Europe should be pounding Russia out of Ukraine and back to Russia. Why do they allow this? They allow it because the wolves seek power. Money and power are the reason that Ukraine will suffer. The wolves, who have suckled at the teat of mother Russia and it oligarchs, need the money and power of Russian energy and trade. They do not want to lose the stranglehold on the population by allowing anyone other than those who bring them profit to exist. We as a population of the world must fight these wolves in our communities and restore our individual liberties. How did Nazism flourish? You are watching it unfold right before your eyes. Be a sheep no more! Become a sheep dog and deal the wolves a heavy blow! Sheep stand inline at the slaughter waiting their turn to die. I choose to follow a different path!! All free nations should be attacking these bullies of the world and demanding a cessation to hostilities immediately! Be safe, Be Alert and Be Dangerous! These will be trying times and only the strong will survive!

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