The Frivolity of Youth

I have not blogged in awhile as I have been in a large amount of pain from the frivolity of youth. I had a Motto as a young man: “Better to die knowing than to live wondering!” This was the third party decision maker. When the Devil on the left and commons sense on the right differed in their opinion. This phrase was the tie breaker. Surf a Hurricane? Yep! Race a motorcycle? Yep! These two specifically and numerous other ideas have damaged my spine. Well now I know! Numerous broken vertebrae and many years of hard labor are starting to take the toll. Until last week I had no use of my arm or hand. Numb hand and pain in my back that would lay me down. So now we know. While I have been recuperating; and receiving treatment to mitigate the damage; I had time to think about what life experience has done to my body. There is a chance of paralysis, loss of motor skills in my hand and even death. While these are a grim reminder of the consequences of a life of adventure, they simply reinforce the truthfulness of the tie breaker. By never missing an experience or adventure, I have lived a life of knowing! As death is the only guarantee of living, I have lived a life without fear of death and have no remorse of the places i have been or the effects of the injuries sustained. These last few months have been difficult, but every hard day was a day closer to alleviate the pain and debilitation of a life well lived! Drink one for the frivolity of youth! It made us who we are today!!

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