Freedom of Speech

As we edge closer to the implementation of socialism in the country that was America, the government has decided that it will ensure compliance with its chosen message. The Department of Homeland Security, will be implementing the new bureau of disinformation. Disinformation, one should ponder that those who must be held accountable by the citizens have found a way to silence dissent. By labeling any narrative that is in conflict with their actions as disinformation and enforcing compliance through a federal agency that targets terrorist they will minimize dissent and silence the weak. They strive to convince our children that Americans are racist, and worse. That freedom is accepting whatever the elected official espouses without accountability. We few left that are Americans must stand firm in our endeavor to ensure freedom lives. Be not afraid of repercussions and threats, stand firm as a patriot ensuring that the once great America rises again as a beacon of hope and prosperity for the weak and downtrodden. Let us raise our voice in defiance of tyranny and stand as a Free people willing to defy censorship and propaganda. Be American, it may be the last chance to show the world what freedom truly is!

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