Rest your Mind

Sunday in my home is a day of activity. To say my work week starts on Monday is a laughable statement. However, with what is happening in the world, I have taken a couple of days to unplug and rest my mind. As we no longer reside near the ocean we seek refuge beside the pool. Yesterday and today were spent seeking revitalization through sun, beer and the frivolity of the local pub. Today will be a pool day and cookout. When all of these relaxing activities are over it will be a mad dash back out on the road. Packing and preparing for a week of working away. Till this is over I am taking advantage of the rest and removal of the decline of our economy and country. Take a moment to rest your mind and seek rejuvenation in doing absolutely nothing. Even a sheepdog needs a break! Rest your mind and find a place to detach from the chaos and regain a little of yourself. As always be safe, be alert and if needed be dangerous!!

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