Keyboard Commandos…

I have a friend who is dealing with an irrational customer at their business. As usual the comments on social media escalate to the inference of violence. I find these people to be abhorrent and ignorant. The distance that a social media platform allows these people is what makes them brave. Freedom of speech is an awesome right. I do not discourage a contentious debate, nor the rhetoric that accompanies it. Rhetoric however,without facts, based purely on emotion is a hollow shell of the First Amendment. We as a free people have the right to utter whatever word comes to mind. We must understand however that these words have repercussions. The keyboard commando feels that his anonymity allows him to speak without consequence. Hidden behind a made up screen name, behind the firewall of a VPN, they lurk as shadows injecting disinformation and rallying violence. We must not infringe free speech because of these people, we must embrace it and through debate and knowledge show them for the cowards and eavesdroppers they are. Stand firm against the trolls, eventually they will be brought from under the bridge into the light of day, trembling in fear for all they have said. Beware Keyboard Commandos, the end will come and you will be held to account for the repercussions of your God given right to speak freely!

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