Secure in your Person and Property

As we see the fervor spewing forth about gun control. Remember this is the Second most important right in our Constitution. Why you ask? The right to keep and bear arms was placed in that position by our founders to ensure the rugged individual American was secure in his person and property. While the security of the constitution,the rule and law of the land was included in the original intent. The real reason was the sovereignty of the individual. The free people upholding their own security from threats both foreign and domestic was paramount. See America is not a mob, it is a group of rugged individuals bound together by the desire for independence and freedom. The gun, once a revered and respected tool, was the key to securing it. The control they seek is not a cessation of the mob violence they promote, it is the removal of the only tool given to ensure your safety and security in your person and property. Be vigilant and strong in your fight to preserve the right to be independent, and never live under the boot of tyranny and fear!!

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