As we sit and enjoy the cool breeze after a hot week here in the south, the thoughts of home come to mind. I left my home, to find out who I am, as I sit here enjoying a clear star filled sky. I believe I have. While I miss my friends, my family has died, I find no comfort in Home. I have a new life and have found who I am. While I am still my Mothers son. I am now myself. Who I am, held back by a place of desolation and poverty, is a writer, a teacher and a patriot. Home, while it made me, also suppressed my ability to grow. Not grow in the physical aspect, but in the complex growth of being an individual. I owe my being to where I came from but I do not hold it as a place of refuge. I discovered a world outside of the place I was raised. I have been around the world, seen people and places beyond my imagination. Having found a place in the world, I find no solace in the place I come from. Look beyond your home and find the real you, no one knew existed, yourself! Home is where you can be you, not where you are from.

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