Time, a Gift of Finite Availability

Time, we have but what is granted to us by our maker. Life is a gift of finite time. How we use the time we have is our choice. Some dedicate the time to decadence, Some to teaching and promoting knowledge. The teacher gives freely of their time, guiding others to a better understanding of the world. Time is a gift and sacrificing your allowance of time to give to others should be seized by the learner. As I have some free time this Christmas season I am giving my time to others. The experience of teaching is my reward. So far every opportunity has been seized and we are spreading knowledge to those willing to take part. This is an excellent use of my time, helping others who are willing to step away from a hectic life to learn. Time is precious spend it wisely as only the Creator knows the day. Gain knowledge and share it with those who seek it. A Wise Man Knows What he Doesn’t Know! A true wise man seeks knowledge from the teacher, both reaping a reward, one is educated and the other is given the opportunity to share. Be Prepaed, Be aware and if necessary be dangerous!


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