‘‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Yesterday I was out doing some last minute shopping. I try and support local businesses, small family run shops and stores. The first stop was full, people everywhere in this small store. Awesome people and customers everyone seemed happy. My final stops were to a local chain stores. While the times are difficult for everyone, I witnessed people struggling to get the necessities of life. Not a person but people. In this country, all the talk and rhetoric about the non citizen, and the needs of the immigrants, I witnessed hard working Americans struggling to buy food and a small gift for a loved one. These are farmers, construction workers, young and old, struggling to do what I take for granted. I know some of these people, I had no idea that they where struggling. We as a Nation of Free People must stand and restore the ability of these people to survive. We must end all foreign aid, all illegal immigration and start caring about our own people. These are the backbone of the American economy. The workers who provide food and services. The small farmer living on family ground trying to earn a living. Why must we allow others who contribute nothing to prosper, while our own citizens suffer. As we gather tonight and tomorrow with friends and families, remember that outside your door, strangers are celebrating with nothing. Reflect on your abundance, or sustenance, and fight for what is left of our Republic. Share what you can but stand and fight for our neighbors as they struggle with the inflation and overwhelming cost of daily living. ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house we look at our gifts, not our neighbors without!


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