Books and Music, One and The Same!

“ I would do research at the library, you remember the library, it is like the internet, just slower and mostly true!” Steve Earle Audible Podcast The Moment in 1965 When Rock and Roll Became Art

I have been on a mission to demonstrate the need for storytelling through music. Without being well read one cannot be well spoken! I was fortunate to of been given the gift of reading. While the Singer gets the girl, the writer gives the gift.

While several artist of my youth are representative of this method two stand out. Lynyrd Skynyrd, shaped my life and demonstrated the ability to tell the stories of my life. The biggest impact, the stop and think about it has always been Steve Earle. Poignant storytelling, expression of injustice and overreaching authority, made me stop and think about the popular opinion of many things in my life. Raised in a Southern, Blue Collar household, we valued the worth of the man, regardless of what others thought. Insulated from a world at war with itself over who they were, music told a story not told in my town. There are songwriters who in a song can address an issue and bring awareness through poetic expression. While the poet is esteemed, as the pinnacle of oration, the lyricist is able to expound and emote in a medium you have access to anywhere you want. As we have opportunity, take a moment to delve into the storytellers, in books and music. Listen to the words of the song and find a story within the interwoven complexity of melody and oration. Words have meanings and words have consequences, pay attention to the words it may make you think!


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