How instead of What

We all seem fascinated by what is happening to our country. My question is, why are we not concerned with the how it is happening? Why have we gotten this far down the rabbit hole? How have these few people gained control of a nation? How have we forgotten where we come from? To maintain freedom is to understand how they are taking it. The answers are out there you just have to focus on the how and not the what.

My heart lies in the mountains

It cares not for your glory

It cannot feel your pain

It is just a mountain

This it will remain

My heart lies in the mountains

My soul in the river cold

And so it will be

When the mountain is ancient

And I am old

It cares not for your glory

It cannot feel your pain

It is just a mountain

This it will remain


As we see the slow deliberate loss of our influence in Afghanistan, we must reflect on the choices we have. The Afghani people were given the opportunity of freedom. They were shown the path to be a free independent people. Due to cultural inability to separate theology from government they failed. These are not a weak people, they have defended their country and way of life from invaders internally and externally for thousands of years. Why we look with sadness at the fall of this country back into a theocratic society under the harsh rule of Islam. It is the choice of the people. They were trained and equipped to stand for freedom against a theocratic rule and instead allowed the militant arm of the theocracy to prevail. We face a similar situation here. Instead of a theocratic enemy we have an enemy of ideology. The slow onset of ideas that go against the overall freedom of a people to be self reliant and governed by individuals that represent them has allowed our individual rights to be taken away one small bite at a time. Freedom is a participation sport, be involved or be a subject.


As Sunday is a day of rest for most Christians we will take a break. As we remind everyone to take a step away from the endless stream of repeated propaganda spewed by talking heads on both sides of the spectrum. Reflect on your religion and family and seek refuge in whatever brings you peace! Enjoy a day of rest and enjoy life! Freedom is a gift and we must enjoy it while we can!

Interstate Travel

It is my understanding that the current regime is pondering restrictions of interstate travel for the unvaccinated citizens. This is definitely on par with the constant attack on the citizen. The Freedom of this country only applies to the citizen. However we as naturalized or natural citizens are second to illegal, undocumented trespassers. The illegal is allowed in no test, no vaccine no question. The citizen must wear a mask, take a test and preferably be injected with an experimental vaccine ; and show proof, to travel within the borders of our nation. Sad day for our beloved republic. Use your voice and try to halt this ever rapid descent into communism.

This is not a article on the validity of testing or vaccines.

Finally Friday!

As we work toward the end of the week and look forward to the weekend, we should be thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to work where we please, live where we please and relax after long hours of labor. Let’s wind down the week with a reminder that we all must participate in the processes of Freedom! Take the weekend, turn off the tv, and ponder what you can do to accelerate freedom in your community!

Screw Your Freedom!

Was listening to a talk radio show as I was traveling today. A very large former governor of Commiefornia stated that the cdc requirements superseded the freedom of Americans. Free speech allows him to say that. Screw your Freedom! Fortunately no person has the authority to take away our freedom. The whole reason for this insane drive to conformity is to draw out those who will not relinquish the free will that created the American! Free independent thought is what kept this Country together. Rugged individualism and the need to protect that, have defended our Republic from all enemies. I recently read an article comparing the identification and isolation of non protected status groups to Germany in 1938. Why nothing compares to the end result of the Nazi solution. One should pay attention to the outcome! First they came for the unvaccinated!

Unalienable Rights

As the government has no authority over these rights it is amazing to most of us how they constantly trample upon them. We are guaranteed the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are not defined as the life they tell us to have, the liberties they say are allowed at this location between these hours and the pursuit of what they say is equitable. The thought that an elected official is suddenly; upon his election, granted unlimited wisdom and power is the very reason this country was formed. Every person should stand and inform our representatives that they are to bow to our will and not the lobbyists and activist that line their pockets. I care not what you do as long as I am free to do as I see fit in my pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. No one should be forced to accept my way life and vice versa! Live Free and relish in your Deity granted rights. Expect no expectation of individuals to have exacting values and morals and allow each individual to choose their path!!