Buddy Check Christmas Edition

Silent night Holy Night! To some it is a silent night lonely night! Alone with the memories, demons that rise to the surface in these times of gathering. Friends and loved ones lost, regret that some won’t be home for Christmas. This time of year is a difficult time for those who have suffered loss. Reach out and stay in touch! Invite them over, go see them. Do a Buddy Check, it may be the best gift you give and receive this year! Merry Christmas from 757sheepdog and family!

Tis the Season… Buddy Check!

Family, friends and revelry abound for those in the Christmas spirit. Time spent with those you care for and about, makes most people feel joy! If you are alone, hiding from the memories locked in your head, there is no revelry, joy, or happiness. Some feel that to withdraw and shield themselves from the season is the best way to deal with trauma and loss. Tis the season to reach out! Check on your buddies and their demons. Make them feel welcome and safe in your company. Include them in your plans and drop by and ask how it is going. Take time to give someone a safe place to be. We all are busy presents to acquire and wrap, parties and celebrations, don’t forget those who have decided to hide. Sometimes the best gift is time! Celebrate the Season and in the spirit of giving, give your time to someone who may need a shoulder and a listening ear! Merry Christmas from 757Sheepdog and the family! May you be blessed with abundance and the opportunity to give back to those who are in need!

Merry Christmas!

Tis the Season!

As we approach the Holiday Season, many people will isolate themselves. Many of the issues, depression, anxiety and loneliness will appear. Make sure and check in on your buddies, invite them to Thanksgiving dinner. Be inclusive without being overbearing, understand that they will appreciate the offer and may decline. Stay in touch and remember check on your buddies.

Buddy Check

A little late on this one! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. If you know someone who may be suffering with some issues, reach out! The fireworks and festival of celebration can be a trigger for some. So if you are having a picnic or family outing make a call, send a text. Make them at least feel that they are not alone. Also remember our 4 legged buddies! The fireworks are a stressor for them as well. Check on your buddies it may save a life!!

Buddy Check!!

As we prepare for the kick off of summer, let us not forget the true meaning of this holiday weekend! This upcoming holiday is a moment of reflection for us, the beneficiaries of someone else’s sacrifice. Why honoring the fallen don’t forget the survivors. If you know of someone struggling, alone and down, pick up a phone and send them an invitation to spend some time with your family and friends! The invitation alone may save a life! Honor the fallen, but never forget the survivors!

We Sleep peacefully in our beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf!! Be a buddy and check in on the sheepdogs!

Talk To Me a Moment

Talk to me a moment when you see that my eyes are dead

Talk to me a moment when you see the scars and damage where I bled

Talk to me a moment if you care to understand my past

Talk to me a moment when you have heard a breath and known it was the last

Talk to me a moment when you gave all you had to give

Talk to me a moment when your life is for the fallen so their memory might live

Talk to me a moment when you know the blood and treasure was spent for naught

Talk to me a moment when you realize my sacrifice was lost

I wrote this after speaking to a lifetime friend. A kind man of the martial way. This man did 3 Tours in Vietnam as a United States Marine. He spoke rarely of his experiences. As he aged you could see the weight of the conflict he endured. Not the combat, the conflict of lost friends and forgotten sacrifice. The conflict of being a Marine, doing his job, and then being forgotten. The fact is we now have another 20 year war behind us with a new batch of Military experiencing the same feelings. We should always take a moment to talk. You never know how deep into that tunnel they have crawled, and a kind moment may show that the light at the end is not a train. Semper Fi my friend and welcome home!

Tis the Season…Call your buddies!!

As we began the week leading up to Christmas and New Years take a minute and check in. Do a buddy check! Call, text, drive up the driveway and say hello. These holidays can lead to inadvertent and self imposed isolation. Make sure and keep your buddies in your plans and stay in contact if they decline an invitation. New Years Eve fireworks and celebration can be extremely difficult as the sounds can be a trigger for repressed emotions and memories. Don’t be overly intrusive but just make sure they know you got their six if they reach out.

We sleep peaceful in our homes because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf. Let’s honor thier courage by keeping an eye on the ones who stood for us and may be on the verge of falling down!!

Buddy Check

Tomorrow is 20 years since the attack on America. If you are like me and had friends involved in this incident on 9-11 check in tomorrow. As these incidents are replayed over and over again strong emotions can be triggered which have been repressed. On top of 9-11 we have the abandonment of American citizens in Afghanistan by this current moronic government. Do a buddy check, invite them for some quiet meditation over a drink of fine bourbon. Be safe tomorrow as always, no one knows what the new day may bring! Always remember the fallen of 9-11 and the unity that existed on 9-12!

Friday … Do a buddy check!!

Friday has arrived and the work week has ended. Time to relax! The news cycle will continue. Take a break, enjoy your family and relax. If you know a veteran do a buddy check. The price of freedom has a cost that may not be visible. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to what you are feeling! the events in Afghanistan can trigger emotions that have been repressed for a long time. Reach out and just check in.

Some one stands alone on a wall every night to ensure your Freedom. These are strong willed and motivated individuals. They stand for you, take a moment to sit with them!!

God Bless our Troops! Especially our Snipers!