Freedom of Speech…

My Freedom to express my opinion supersedes your feelings! Right is right wrong is wrong the sky is blue and the grass is green! These things never change! My rights are not for the filter of 52 genders and the mob mentality! I was born free and will defend my right to be free without regret or remorse!


This time of night on July 3, 1776 the founders of this country were preparing to sign away their fortune, property, and possibly their lives. What thoughts must of entered into their minds. Long suffering under an oppressive and overreaching ruler, out of touch with the people he subjugated. Knowing that at that time the common man would bear the full weight of their decision. How much doubt crossed their minds? If this happened today, and we were to rely on the learned men to stand and produce a document that would spark a revolution, what would we get? Nothing, we would get nothing. It is one thing to say but another to do. While rhetoric can enflame a crowd to a fevered pitch, creating and signing a Declaration of that rhetoric today would be to much truth for the modern man to bear. These men of learning, virtue and philosophy. The men of business, banking and trade. All made a decision to produce a Declaration that would ensure the Freedom of every American. These men stood firm on their principles and will of the people they represented. They understood the sacrifice that all would bear; especially them as the writers and signatories of such a treasonous document if this endeavor failed. Yet on July 4, 1776 these men willingly signed away their interest and fortunes to establish this great beacon of freedom and hope. Knowing the sacrifices of these men and all who fought to establish this Nation, how do we sleep at night knowing that all of these trials and tribulations were for naught? We should all demonstrate the resolve and fearlessness of our founders. Instead we hide in the shadows and cower in fear of a Government that no longer is ruled by us. We each should learn of the fates of these men and show through diligent civics that we are a free and independent nation of free and independent citizens! God Bless America!

The Mask Removed

As the left releases its masked marauders on the citizen to terrorize and persecute those of differing views it reveals their real identity. The mask is off, the genocidal, racist that proclaim the rights of the downtrodden are melting down. The fact that the Constitution, the rule and law of the land has taken control from them and given it back to the citizen is unbearable. The mask is removed it will be a summer of violence and government supported outrage against the American. While they have held citizens in jail for over a year , they will simply say that these people only want their rights restored, no arrest, no trial. Local elected affiliates will stand idly by while innocent people are beaten and killed. Stand firm as these things evolve. Find a group and build a network to ensure safe passage as you move about your daily life. The evil is revealed and they know that hiding is now pointless. Be safe, be aware and if necessary be dangerous!


As we sit and enjoy the cool breeze after a hot week here in the south, the thoughts of home come to mind. I left my home, to find out who I am, as I sit here enjoying a clear star filled sky. I believe I have. While I miss my friends, my family has died, I find no comfort in Home. I have a new life and have found who I am. While I am still my Mothers son. I am now myself. Who I am, held back by a place of desolation and poverty, is a writer, a teacher and a patriot. Home, while it made me, also suppressed my ability to grow. Not grow in the physical aspect, but in the complex growth of being an individual. I owe my being to where I came from but I do it hold it as a place of refuge. I discovered a world outside of the place I was raised. Inquire e been around the world, seen people and places beyond my imagination. Having found a place in the world, I find no solace in the place I come from. Look beyond your home and find the real you, no one knew existed, yourself! Home is where you can be you, not where you are from.

Secure in your Person and Property

As we see the fervor spewing forth about gun control. Remember this is the Second most important right in our Constitution. Why you ask? The right to keep and bear arms was placed in that position by our founders to ensure the rugged individual American was secure in his person and property. While the security of the constitution,the rule and law of the land was included in the original intent. The real reason was the sovereignty of the individual. The free people upholding their own security from threats both foreign and domestic was paramount. See America is not a mob, it is a group of rugged individuals bound together by the desire for independence and freedom. The gun, once a revered and respected tool, was the key to securing it. The control they seek is not a cessation of the mob violence they promote, it is the removal of the only tool given to ensure your safety and security in your person and property. Be vigilant and strong in your fight to preserve the right to be independent, and never live under the boot of tyranny and fear!!

Memorial Day

 Weep not for the warrior, he chose his path!
Weep with his family so that his memory will last forever!!

We sleep peacefully in our beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf. These men and women face the wolf, sometimes with dire consequences. We can honor their memory by standing against the wolves and keeping their sacrifice alive!

Till Valhalla Sheepdogs! We have the watch!

Buddy Check!!

As we prepare for the kick off of summer, let us not forget the true meaning of this holiday weekend! This upcoming holiday is a moment of reflection for us, the beneficiaries of someone else’s sacrifice. Why honoring the fallen don’t forget the survivors. If you know of someone struggling, alone and down, pick up a phone and send them an invitation to spend some time with your family and friends! The invitation alone may save a life! Honor the fallen, but never forget the survivors!

We Sleep peacefully in our beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf!! Be a buddy and check in on the sheepdogs!

Freedom of Speech

As we edge closer to the implementation of socialism in the country that was America, the government has decided that it will ensure compliance with its chosen message. The Department of Homeland Security, will be implementing the new bureau of disinformation. Disinformation, one should ponder that those who must be held accountable by the citizens have found a way to silence dissent. By labeling any narrative that is in conflict with their actions as disinformation and enforcing compliance through a federal agency that targets terrorist they will minimize dissent and silence the weak. They strive to convince our children that Americans are racist, and worse. That freedom is accepting whatever the elected official espouses without accountability. We few left that are Americans must stand firm in our endeavor to ensure freedom lives. Be not afraid of repercussions and threats, stand firm as a patriot ensuring that the once great America rises again as a beacon of hope and prosperity for the weak and downtrodden. Let us raise our voice in defiance of tyranny and stand as a Free people willing to defy censorship and propaganda. Be American, it may be the last chance to show the world what freedom truly is!

Weak Men Hard Times

I am watching a intelligence report on the Russian aggression in Ukraine. It appears our weak administration is going to sit idly by and let evil rule the day. We have capitulated in Afghanistan, the Russians seeing blood in the water have decided to strike. The history of abuse by the Russians against the Ukrainian people is long and horrific. The current administration, to appease the far left socialist minority has decided to let it happen again. They say that Hard times make hard men and easy times make weak men. We have lived in the most free and prosperous country in history. Our so called poor are obese, lazy and thanks to the Department of Education illiterate. They live off of the backs of the corporation and working men and women, voting for the free meals and cell phones. Weak men and women with no drive to improve or succeed. If we allow Russia to impose its will on the Ukrainian people where will it end? We have accused the prior administration of being a co-conspirator with Putin. The first item of the agenda was removing sanctions from Russia to build a pipeline to Europe while simultaneously crippling our own energy sector. I fear the worse for the Ukrainian people. I fear even more for the Americans as once you show weakness to the Russians they will push until they break you. I learned a couple of things in the 90’s the most important one was that you don’t mess with the Russians. Russians are vindictive and a strong proud people. They will take advantage of any weakness to gain an edge. We are in serious trouble if the weak men and women in charge worry more about power than the success and freedom of the this Country. Say a prayer for Ukraine, their fall could be the beginning of a the end for this Great Nation!


I was raised on John Wayne and Wyatt Earp. Good will overcome evil, a man’s word is his bond and a good days work was reward enough. Cowboys were my heroes. Justice was dealt at the end of a pistol and honor prevailed. There is a song by Jamey Johnson When the Last Cowboys Gone. It speaks of the demise of the character that made the cowboy. There is a line that goes: “Whose gonna ride us away Whose gonna do it that way Why does everything good have to change When the last cowboys gone.” Well folks it may be to late. No man can stand against the evil of the world. If Wyatt Earp were alive today he would be in prison. Standing for justice and defending the weak is now a negative character trait. Being a victim is now the norm. What would John Wayne do today. No more being a man, defending the weak and upholding the law. No more defending your honor, land and name. The cowboy way of hard work and honor have died. No one wants a hero! Now society lifts up perceived victims of real men and their beliefs. The hero is the morally corrupt and perverse. The villain is the just and upright. Time to bring back some cowboy. Stand for your honor, land and name. Ensure that justice is executed and the law is preserved. My hero’s were cowboys and the code they lived by was how I was raised. Let’s bring back the cowboy! America needs a hero!