Why we Write.

Within my introduction I eluded to the fact that these short snippets of thought are therapy. A way for me to release the thoughts and ideas that gather in my psyche. Most people have a way to communicate and express themselves. Some use the brush the gentle and subtle strokes bring to life the vision in their mind. Some the camera capturing moments in time and manipulating light to portray how they see that image. Each one of these mediums is an image, a representation of the thoughts of the artist. The written word while often misunderstood and misrepresented is the true expression of the writer. Once the words are written the meaning and emotion are forever. I write to express and incite thought. The ability to speak at times escapes me as I am a regular working class man. The ability to write has given me a voice and expanded my vocabulary to communicate more effectively. Writing to an anonymous audience allows me to rattle on and express my thoughts. I write to give a voice to the voiceless, an idea to the thinker and hope for the hopeless. I hope the day never comes when free expression is muzzled and the writer, artist and photographer are bound by rules instead of free thought.

Winters Fury

Some claim, there is purity in the rain. Others enjoy the summer and the suns burning rays. Autumn a time of reflection and rest. Winter arrives no time to play, cold, dark and formidable. And then there is snow. The silence of a snow wrapped woods.
The stillness of frozen droplet suspended from a limb. The clean slate before you like a new canvas waiting to bring forth art. The world is still wrapped in quiet and calm. As the sun rises onto a snow covered landscape it show the contours of the land. Shadows cast from the trees above paint a mosaic unobstructed by foliage and rocks. Dark shadow on a pure sheet. The world in black and white. The crunch of a deer plodding from the woods, the sound of water, the free river under the ice. Life continues blanketed in pure silence. Ice produces a light show on the blank palate below as the sun is refracted through the clear pure lens of natural wonder. Many a wonder to behold during the perfect snow. The best of these is calm and quiet, peace as the world rest through winter for the rebirth of the spring. If you have the opportunity to experience high country winter, to see snow as far as you can see, to stand in awe at the beauty of a snow covered mountain, take it! Here’s to calm and quiet, a blanket of silence around. Here’s to moonlight on a snow drift and cold clear sky above! Here’s to winters fury the time of year I love!!

2021 in Review a Synopsis

A year ago a peaceful transition of power took place. An election was held and certified by the representatives of the citizens of this country. Covid still loomed like a vulture waiting for the final breath. To some it was a problem to others an opportunity. Those now in power played down the efficacy of the vaccines prior to obtaining control. Almost immediately those now in control began the pressure to obey and conform to the will of the government. This year has been about control. Control of a virus and control of a population. The promises of unity and efficiency where discarded almost immediately upon obtaining power. The divisiveness of vaccinated against unvaccinated began. Edicts and executive orders flowed. The citizen was required to vax up and mask up while record numbers of illegals poured across our border. Jobs were lost, pipelines shutdown while more and more money was given to those unable or unwilling to work. Record inflation, record energy cost. More mandates from Mayors and Governors seeking to punish the citizens they supposedly represent. Less energy and fewer workers meant less productivity and higher prices. The basics began to slowly dwindle. A major pipeline is hacked and fuel supplies dwindle along the eastern seaboard, adding to the supply chain issues. A new variant appears, the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike are stricken with the virus. What about the vaccine efficacy? More mandates more boosters, more threats to workers who fail to comply. Now it starts to become a problem. Less productivity, more restrictions on the supply chain. Now we need energy and employees to try and catch up. Rather than go to our own energy sector we got to opec and Russia. Again a new variant, even more threats and mandates and promises of restrictions. Get the jab and a booster or be excommunicated from society. Thanksgiving arrives and the head shed says if we all behave we can gather together at thanksgiving. Supply chain is grinding to a halt as we approach Christmas, same speech as has been regurgitated all year! This country out of fear and idleness has succumbed to tyranny without a whimper. The media and social pressure has divided families, friends and our nation to the brink of failure. We now speak of injections into children 5 years old and older. We have been subjugated by the socialist to believe only they can solve all the problems. It has been one Hell of a year and I look forward to its demise. Let’s hope that all the sorrow and death of the past 2 years is behind us. Let us hope that our Republic can rise from the ashes of unnecessary collapse. My wish is for a return to normalcy and restoration of our free will and freedom. Happy New Year! May the next 12 months not be a continuing saga of oppression and sacrifice at the hands of our own elected representatives.

An End is not the pre cursor to a beginning!

Unless you are one of those people who read the last page of a book first, the end is not the beginning. As this year ends, it does not show the promise of a new chapter. The constant division of the population will continue. The threats to your livelihoods, freedom and individualism will continue. The ever increasing cost and limited availability of common goods will worsen. There may be a new year new me, however there will be a new calendar page with the same storyline. The subjugation will continue and the story will advance at the same plodding pace as 2021. Embrace the constant assault of your rights and the divisiveness of the woke mob. Use the days before the new year to steel your nerves and prepare for the continuing misery of 2021. Happy New Year! May the new year find you stronger and better prepared for the continuing saga of a country slowly falling into a self induced decline.

Silent Night

As we celebrate with friends and family the Christmas Holiday. Let us take a minute and remember the reason for the season. Take a break from the chaos and strife of the world and celebrate the Birth of the savior of the world and your soul. Leave the worries and problems of everyday life and find joy in fellowship with your family and friends. Merry Christmas and let not your heart be troubled for unto us this day a savior is born!

Prepared or not here it comes!

A simple play of words to stress an important point. We have already seen the lack of products on the shelves. We have all begun to see the increase in cost of what is there. As the increase in cost and limited supply escalates due to the effects of inflation we will be poorer. Our money will go faster and will provide less of what we need. An interest rate increase will make land and vehicles unobtainable. If you are not prepared psychologically, physically and spiritually be ready to suffer. It will be a long cold winter as energy prices soar and reliability of infrastructure deteriorates with the lag of supply chain and labor. Hope you are ready, hard times are coming and the have nots will be looking for what you have! Ready or not here it comes!!

Cold Clear Skies

As I was out taking Gunny out for his last walk of the night, I again found myself watching the sky. A lifetime of time outdoors has not removed the awe that is inspired by a cold clear sky. The blackness of the sky punctuated by the brightness of the stars and constellations. I stood for a minute staring at the sky like it was the first time I had witnessed the majesty of nature. Gunny does not understand the lack of progress in our journey and stand beside me wondering what is our delay. I resume my walk to his delight and my dismay. He is a loyal companion and is always alert to our surroundings. I ponder to myself does he appreciate the cold dark sky and the ever changing scene offered in the darkness? Or as he is a member of the most noble species on earth already know all that is present? He finishes his duty in our walk and seeks the warmth of home and the soft bed on which he rest. I again take a moment to stare in awe at the gift of our creator. Taking a minute to breath the cold clean air and remind myself that I am but a speck in the grand scheme of the universe. Gunny ever vigilant stands beside me, a faithful companion, ready to defend me from any harm that may befall on a dark night. As we walk back home he demonstrates the knowledge that the same Creator of the stars. The Diety that gave me life. Has given me something more awe inspiring than a star filled sky. He has given me a guardian, a noble beast to be my companion and protector at the risk of his own life. A most noble creature, the savior of mankind in his fragile physical body. When God saw that man needed assistance and protection of his physical and mental health he sent a dog, then his Son to save his soul . Sleep tight Gunny chase the squirrels tonight in your dreams.


Division Amongst the Subjugated

So I engage rarely with any form of media. The left is biased as is the right. However an article was sent to me that contained a few pieces of information. As I am unwilling to promote chaos I will not be disseminating the content. The goal of the government is to gain total control of the people and resources of this country. It is my opinion that the mandates and regulations imposed during the pandemic were merely a conditioning. The corrupt officials found a way to turn neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother. These policies placed a division within the population. Beyond the overly emphasized race, sex, and gender divides, these policies placed a barrier of implied safety. By instilling fear and anxiety amongst the subjects they created yet another divisive class. The free and independent American against the groveling and manipulated class. The free independent individual is terrifying to the bureaucrat. Failure to fall in line and not ask questions forces them to provide data and answers for questions and facts. The article I was sent suggested that there will be an uprising of individuals who question the current mantra of stand in line, look straight ahead and do what your told. This is done to create further distrust of the rugged individualism that is America. The subjects that follow along and ride in cars alone with a mask, will now be looking for a reason to report those who dare stand up to the societal norms. Going deer hunting, becomes my neighbor left the house in camouflage with a gun, to the local see something say something number. Be mindful of what you say and do as there are those among us who fear having nothing to fear. The dependency on the nanny state drives these individuals to ensure its survival at the loss of their own freedom. Let us not be led astray from the path of Freedom, let us not betray our beliefs and way of life. Let us not fall into the trap of provocation. Be aware and stay informed! They intend to divide us as we can only be conquered from within!!

Being the Master of you… sort of!

No man can serve two masters. However man being easily manipulated will try. We as humans need to learn that narrow is the path and straight is the way. We cannot continue to try and fit our choices to the needs of an overreaching bureaucracy. If we are just and upright individuals we must make our own decisions and stand fast with the choice. People feel the need to fit in, be accepted. We must regain our own identity and serve ourselves as the master of us. We have dominion over our choices. We also seek guidance from a higher power, whom through an excellent sense of humor gave us free will. The duplicitous nature of an individual with free will is to think that they have all the answers, while struggling to gain knowledge. We are a fickle species in that we know what to do and fail to do what is required. Make a choice serve yourself and the mob, or acknowledge that there can only be one master. Good or evil the choice is yours! Don’t be wavering in your decision serve the master that serves your best interest and peace of mind.