The core of our Freedom relies on the strength of our family. Family is not necessarily who is related to you. Family is made up of the individuals who no matter your name have your best interest at heart. I am visiting the Baby Girl, not my biological child but my family just the same. These relationships are important because it can open up an opportunity to demonstrate the freedom each of us have. Use this weekend with your family to build the trust necessary to have discussions about the freedom we enjoy.


The dog is the most noble animal God put on earth. He cares more for you than he does himself. They will alert you to danger, soothe when you are sad and judge the people around you. Never trust a man who doesn’t like dogs and always trust a dog that doesn’t like a man. Dogs see the soul, the pain, the joy and the evil. If a man is evil inside the dogs know. If you have a dog pat their head and give them a extra treat. He will always be there and will always have your safety in front of his own.

In Memory of Samuel Colt! The best friend a man could have! He would go to the gunfire and lay down his life without question or fear! Long Ago Departed Always by My Side!! RIP Colt!


Another work week has begun. Deadlines, reports and chaos. The fact that we are able to decide our path is what makes us free. If the outlook for Monday is stressful or your job is unrewarding, make a change. Move to a new career, move to a new town the choice is yours. We are not guaranteed equal results, we are guaranteed equal opportunity. Make the most of your opportunity to succeed or fail. Make a choice to succeed while you still can!

The Job of Remaining Free

Those who have made a commitment to their freedom understand that it is a job. Not a task, but an investment of time and resources. If you wish to remain free you must put in the work. Read, watch and engage in regular debates to understand all sides of the current situation. You must be vigilant and aware of the world both geographically and geo politically. What happens over there has an effect over here. Stay in tune with how these things happen and pass along verified trusted data to those who may need it.

How instead of What

We all seem fascinated by what is happening to our country. My question is, why are we not concerned with the how it is happening? Why have we gotten this far down the rabbit hole? How have these few people gained control of a nation? How have we forgotten where we come from? To maintain freedom is to understand how they are taking it. The answers are out there you just have to focus on the how and not the what.


As we see the slow deliberate loss of our influence in Afghanistan, we must reflect on the choices we have. The Afghani people were given the opportunity of freedom. They were shown the path to be a free independent people. Due to cultural inability to separate theology from government they failed. These are not a weak people, they have defended their country and way of life from invaders internally and externally for thousands of years. Why we look with sadness at the fall of this country back into a theocratic society under the harsh rule of Islam. It is the choice of the people. They were trained and equipped to stand for freedom against a theocratic rule and instead allowed the militant arm of the theocracy to prevail. We face a similar situation here. Instead of a theocratic enemy we have an enemy of ideology. The slow onset of ideas that go against the overall freedom of a people to be self reliant and governed by individuals that represent them has allowed our individual rights to be taken away one small bite at a time. Freedom is a participation sport, be involved or be a subject.

The Sheepdog

Many people ask about the sheepdog. What does it mean? Why is that a reference? The meaning of a Sheepdog is a person who stands ready to defend the sheep from the wolves. See the sheep know the wolf exist, but choose to ignore him. They feel that if they just ignore the fact that he will deal violence on them he will go away. The wolf knowing that out of fear the sheep allow him to prey at will goes about his business of killing and surviving on the weak. The Sheepdog scares the sheep. He looks a lot like a wolf dirty, hairy and violent. They wish he would just go away. The sheepdog accepts the feelings of the sheep; as he has taken a pledge to defend them from the wolf and themselves. He will ensure their safety in spite of their judgements of him. We should all live together and protect each other without judgement. We must all acknowledge the fact that the wolf and his ilk will continue to prey on those who choose to deny his existence. We must all be sheepdogs!