As we approach the celebration of the American Independence, I can’t help but take a moment to say the sacrifice appears for naught. We have been stripped of our most basic rights. We have but three boxes, the Soap box the ability to air our grievances in the public square, the ballot box where we decide who should represent our ideals and welfare, the Cartridge box where we stand firm against tyranny. Let’s start with the first, large corporate media and the conglomerate of social media have stripped us of our voice. We no longer are allowed; through the medium of the times social media, to express an idea of dissent, or call out the incompetence of our elected representation. We must comply with the message the ruling class decides. This is not American. The ballot box, has been stripped and nullified by a party that will do anything to maintain power and control. The final box; the cartridge box, The rifle, long revered in the American home, is now vilified as the cause for the violence in America. This is done not to make us safer but to remove the last encumbrance to total tyranny. It appears that like our forefathers we must once again stand against tyranny with the only option we have left. This is the least wanted option. Not one American wants to resort to the last box to resolve our grievances. We want to once again be able to make our voices heard on the soapbox, the ballot box and never the cartridge box. We want the restoration of the Constitution and have our voices heard, our representatives to be held accountable and our votes to matter. Stand strong and continue to express our grievances to our representatives without censorship or fear of reprisal from an overreaching judiciary. Let us once again be Free and Independent of the tyranny of government. Let us be Independent Free Americans, Who standing for the rights of the individual; must be unencumbered by the bureaucratic overreach and live as a rugged free individual. We the People must once again stand against tyranny and show the world what it means to be Americans, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

The Mask Removed

As the left releases its masked marauders on the citizen to terrorize and persecute those of differing views it reveals their real identity. The mask is off, the genocidal, racist that proclaim the rights of the downtrodden are melting down. The fact that the Constitution, the rule and law of the land has taken control from them and given it back to the citizen is unbearable. The mask is removed it will be a summer of violence and government supported outrage against the American. While they have held citizens in jail for over a year , they will simply say that these people only want their rights restored, no arrest, no trial. Local elected affiliates will stand idly by while innocent people are beaten and killed. Stand firm as these things evolve. Find a group and build a network to ensure safe passage as you move about your daily life. The evil is revealed and they know that hiding is now pointless. Be safe, be aware and if necessary be dangerous!

Leaders Eat Last

I do not consider myself a leader. I am more of a mentor. I was fortunate to of been raised in a time of Men. Some of my greatest influences were grunt Marines. Most were Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement or skilled laborers. What always amazed me was the confidence and authority these men carried without trying. People always seemed to ask their opinion on critical decisions. None of these men imposed their will, unless provoked. They were natural leaders. I know as a young man and being in some critical situations on Mountains and job sites, it was a comfort to everyone when they stepped up to resolve the problem. I never felt they were overbearing or harsh. They were always a guide, a solid source of information. I also noticed they were the first to work, the last to stop and whether in charge or not, they always made sure we were safe and secure. These men carried responsibility like loose change, always with them and willing to use it when needed. These men were mentors and philosophers of life. Having experienced adversity and survived had left them with little concern for minor inconveniences. It also taught them to pass on what they knew and ensure a new generation of mentors. Be the first to work, the last to leave, and always eat last! The people you influence the most, are influenced not by words but by actions.

Keyboard Commandos…

I have a friend who is dealing with an irrational customer at their business. As usual the comments on social media escalate to the inference of violence. I find these people to be abhorrent and ignorant. The distance that a social media platform allows these people is what makes them brave. Freedom of speech is an awesome right. I do not discourage a contentious debate, nor the rhetoric that accompanies it. Rhetoric however,without facts, based purely on emotion is a hollow shell of the First Amendment. We as a free people have the right to utter whatever word comes to mind. We must understand however that these words have repercussions. The keyboard commando feels that his anonymity allows him to speak without consequence. Hidden behind a made up screen name, behind the firewall of a VPN, they lurk as shadows injecting disinformation and rallying violence. We must not infringe free speech because of these people, we must embrace it and through debate and knowledge show them for the cowards and eavesdroppers they are. Stand firm against the trolls, eventually they will be brought from under the bridge into the light of day, trembling in fear for all they have said. Beware Keyboard Commandos, the end will come and you will be held to account for the repercussions of your God given right to speak freely!

Rest your Mind

Sunday in my home is a day of activity. To say my work week starts on Monday is a laughable statement. However, with what is happening in the world, I have taken a couple of days to unplug and rest my mind. As we no longer reside near the ocean we seek refuge beside the pool. Yesterday and today were spent seeking revitalization through sun, beer and the frivolity of the local pub. Today will be a pool day and cookout. When all of these relaxing activities are over it will be a mad dash back out on the road. Packing and preparing for a week of working away. Till this is over I am taking advantage of the rest and removal of the decline of our economy and country. Take a moment to rest your mind and seek rejuvenation in doing absolutely nothing. Even a sheepdog needs a break! Rest your mind and find a place to detach from the chaos and regain a little of yourself. As always be safe, be alert and if needed be dangerous!!

Sheepdogs? Now more than ever!

There is a conflict coming. A battle for the will of a country. This will be both a psychological battle and an opportunity for violence to instill fear. We must all stand firm and defend the weak, ourselves and the institution of Freedom. Be a positive role model for those around you. Be vigilant in your surroundings. My family practices the 3 A’s. Attentive, Alert and Alive. If you must go into crowds and public space be aware of your surroundings and the responses of those around you. Be willing and of the mindset to protect those around you and yourself. We will see an escalation of these terrorist tactics to strip us of our freedom and rights. Be aware, be safe and should the need arise be dangerous! As sheepdogs we sit idly by till the wolf attacks, we know he is there circling the weak. Only when he shows his intentions do we react. It more important now than ever to be prepared and competent to protect those in your flock, be a sheepdog!

I Want To

I want to be prepared. I want to be safe. I want to ensure the survival of my family. I want these things at no cost. No expenditure of thought, money or effort. I want to be ready and able. These are the things I hear.

If you want to, then do! The greatest obstacle to satisfying the want to is the response of “This is to hard”. To say I did it, to be able to go from I want to, to I did it; is the expenditure of thought, monetary outlay and physical exertion.

If you want to? If you really want to, you will.


As Russia continues its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the neighboring countries and NATO sit idly by. Imagine watching someone kick in you neighbors door and start killing them, and you do nothing. You stand and watch as the people you know are slaughtered and like a sheep to the slaughter you just stand there. How did this happen? How did we become a world of sheep? We as a population have allowed a select group of self appointed dictators to take away our rights and common sense. How have so few wolves managed to control such a large flock? No one will stand with their neighbors, except to film on their phone what is happening. Europe should be pounding Russia out of Ukraine and back to Russia. Why do they allow this? They allow it because the wolves seek power. Money and power are the reason that Ukraine will suffer. The wolves, who have suckled at the teat of mother Russia and it oligarchs, need the money and power of Russian energy and trade. They do not want to lose the stranglehold on the population by allowing anyone other than those who bring them profit to exist. We as a population of the world must fight these wolves in our communities and restore our individual liberties. How did Nazism flourish? You are watching it unfold right before your eyes. Be a sheep no more! Become a sheep dog and deal the wolves a heavy blow! Sheep stand inline at the slaughter waiting their turn to die. I choose to follow a different path!! All free nations should be attacking these bullies of the world and demanding a cessation to hostilities immediately! Be safe, Be Alert and Be Dangerous! These will be trying times and only the strong will survive!


Always be Prepared! It is the Boy Scouts Motto. I have stood at attention since I was 11 and swore to uphold this motto. Prepared means that no matter the situation you are ready. This requires a mindset of vigilance and attention to detail. If your life may depend on it, you better take it seriously. I have tried to be diligent in my attention to my preparedness. It is a lifestyle. How can I be constantly prepared if I do not constantly prepare? So if you chose to be prepared your lifestyle must reflect the discipline of preparation. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn, practice, and develop the skills to be prepared. Take these opportunities to push the envelope and step out of your comfort zone. If you have a plan, good for you! Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Take your gear outside and push it beyond it rating. Go and see how it works in the cold, heat, rain and snow. If it fails upgrade and replace. If you have a plan for your home, test it. You don’t want to find out in the Hurricane that your water filter is insufficient for your needs. Or that the place you stored your storm gear is now underwater. Push yourself to constantly develop a mindset that everyday is a good day to be prepared. Always Be Prepared! A Motto to live by and be proud of!