Sheepdogs? Now more than ever!

There is a conflict coming. A battle for the will of a country. This will be both a psychological battle and an opportunity for violence to instill fear. We must all stand firm and defend the weak, ourselves and the institution of Freedom. Be a positive role model for those around you. Be vigilant in your surroundings. My family practices the 3 A’s. Attentive, Alert and Alive. If you must go into crowds and public space be aware of your surroundings and the responses of those around you. Be willing and of the mindset to protect those around you and yourself. We will see an escalation of these terrorist tactics to strip us of our freedom and rights. Be aware, be safe and should the need arise be dangerous! As sheepdogs we sit idly by till the wolf attacks, we know he is there circling the weak. Only when he shows his intentions do we react. It more important now than ever to be prepared and competent to protect those in your flock, be a sheepdog!

Opportunity knocks but once!

If given the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience it should be taken advantage of. To many times when an opportunity arises it is fleeting. When someone offers their time, knowledge and experience to you take it and run. Everyone wants to be ready, no one wants to do the work!! Knock knock!

I Want To

I want to be prepared. I want to be safe. I want to ensure the survival of my family. I want these things at no cost. No expenditure of thought, money or effort. I want to be ready and able. These are the things I hear.

If you want to, then do! The greatest obstacle to satisfying the want to is the response of “This is to hard”. To say I did it, to be able to go from I want to, to I did it; is the expenditure of thought, monetary outlay and physical exertion.

If you want to? If you really want to, you will.


As Russia continues its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the neighboring countries and NATO sit idly by. Imagine watching someone kick in you neighbors door and start killing them, and you do nothing. You stand and watch as the people you know are slaughtered and like a sheep to the slaughter you just stand there. How did this happen? How did we become a world of sheep? We as a population have allowed a select group of self appointed dictators to take away our rights and common sense. How have so few wolves managed to control such a large flock? No one will stand with their neighbors, except to film on their phone what is happening. Europe should be pounding Russia out of Ukraine and back to Russia. Why do they allow this? They allow it because the wolves seek power. Money and power are the reason that Ukraine will suffer. The wolves, who have suckled at the teat of mother Russia and it oligarchs, need the money and power of Russian energy and trade. They do not want to lose the stranglehold on the population by allowing anyone other than those who bring them profit to exist. We as a population of the world must fight these wolves in our communities and restore our individual liberties. How did Nazism flourish? You are watching it unfold right before your eyes. Be a sheep no more! Become a sheep dog and deal the wolves a heavy blow! Sheep stand inline at the slaughter waiting their turn to die. I choose to follow a different path!! All free nations should be attacking these bullies of the world and demanding a cessation to hostilities immediately! Be safe, Be Alert and Be Dangerous! These will be trying times and only the strong will survive!


Always be Prepared! It is the Boy Scouts Motto. I have stood at attention since I was 11 and swore to uphold this motto. Prepared means that no matter the situation you are ready. This requires a mindset of vigilance and attention to detail. If your life may depend on it, you better take it seriously. I have tried to be diligent in my attention to my preparedness. It is a lifestyle. How can I be constantly prepared if I do not constantly prepare? So if you chose to be prepared your lifestyle must reflect the discipline of preparation. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn, practice, and develop the skills to be prepared. Take these opportunities to push the envelope and step out of your comfort zone. If you have a plan, good for you! Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Take your gear outside and push it beyond it rating. Go and see how it works in the cold, heat, rain and snow. If it fails upgrade and replace. If you have a plan for your home, test it. You don’t want to find out in the Hurricane that your water filter is insufficient for your needs. Or that the place you stored your storm gear is now underwater. Push yourself to constantly develop a mindset that everyday is a good day to be prepared. Always Be Prepared! A Motto to live by and be proud of!


My Mother died today. As humans we are taught to mourn death. As Christians death is the reward. My mother was a Christian, she has passed away from the physical world of pain and suffering. She has moved on to reunite with my father, and her savior. She now resides not in a decaying, diseased physical body. She is no longer burdened by disappointment or feelings of anger. She resides in a perpetual state of peace and joy. We should weep for the moments lost and rejoice in the reunification of a believer with her reward. To know she looks down upon those of us left behind with a caring eye to guide us to be reunited in Heaven at peace with ourselves for a life well lived in service to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Rest In Peace Mother!


Today finds me in a recollective state of mind. As I am sitting outside watching my dog Gunny play with a stick and roll in the sunshine on a cold afternoon, I find myself reflecting on what is lost. We have been given a choice. Think for yourself or succumb to the collective. The most precious gift given to the human being is free thought and expression. We have the ability to create and learn whatever we want or can imagine. In today’s world the mob of wokeness wants no part of that. In today’s world you are not supposed to think any idea outside of the collective mob. No expression of art, literature or ideas that conflict with a totalitarian agenda. I write lyrics, poems that may be of no value to anyone but me. It is a cathartic action that allows me to express my thoughts, demons and ideas. In today’s world we have been censored, maligned and persecuted for expressing any information or idea outside the propaganda of the mob. Why have we allowed this to happen? What value is there in eliminating a dissenting voice? Feelings? Emotional response? This is not a valid reason! The fact that an idea creates a feeling or emotion is the intent of the expression. The desire to prove or invalidate the idea is why we express them. Are there ideas that I disagree with? Absolutely. However rather than silence the voice I research and find if it is valid. I accept that your view is different from mine; and if it is a good enough topic, we can discuss it over a fine cigar and proper bourbon. We may not disagree but the dialogue will allow us to walk away either more knowledgeable of a subject or agreeing to disagree. Let’s bring back the free thinkers, the manipulation of words and ideas. Let’s allow us to return to the days of true freedom in our thoughts, expressions and decisions. Let us become a free nation once more unencumbered by the need for acceptance by the mob who limp along like sheep to shearing shed!


As we end a day of thankfulness and appreciation for our fellow man, let us not forget that tomorrow people will fight each other for a random object. We as a nation have allowed ourselves to decline to a state of want versus need. As the supply chain continues to decline with the onset of winter weather and deteriorating road conditions, we will see the decline of civility. Take a moment and decide now what you need is what you are getting. Focus on the basics and not extravagant superfluous desires. As the economy worsens and prices increase ask yourself, will I be thankful for this item next year. Take the time to ensure your own needs as the resources continue to dwindle. Be thankful for the necessities and continue to be thankful another year.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The bands that influence me the most are those with a real message. The ability to emote and convey a message in the lyrics and melody of a song is truly a gift. When I was in my youth the band Lynyrd Skynyrd showed me the ways of the world. Growing up in the South and seeing the gradual change from a rural to modern society they helped me cope. Songs about the world and the way it was devolving were instrumental in shaping my need for information and need to communicate my ideas and thoughts. As we start to slow down for the weekend pour a fine bourbon in a glass and find a Skynyrd song. Listen to the messages and feel the emotion. Rest In Peace boys and thanks for the education!

Wild Men

What will happen when the wild men have gone? When the pathfinder and adventurer have been tamed? What will happen when the free independent thinker has been silenced? The men who venture forth into wild places are slowly fading into antiquity. We now find pleasure, not in the hinterland but in the screen of our electronic world. We seek our challenges and adventures in the safe confines of our electronics. Why go forth and live amongst the trees? They can be seen on the screen. The skills and attributes of the wild men were developed through trial and error. These men rely on their skill and knowledge to overcome the adversity of the wild. Learning as they go to problem solve and learn. Failure, at times is perilous, other times merely an inconvenience. These skills and traits are important to society. They build character and acceptance to adversity. The will to succeed no matter the sacrifice. What will we be when the wild men are gone? We will be a lesser race void of appreciation for the wonder and harshness of nature. We will be without passion or realization of accomplishment. We will be without free will!