Buddy Check tis the season!

As we begin the best time of the year, in my opinion, check in a little more often. Longer cold nights and shorter days means less social interactions. Running into neighbors in the yard will slowly diminish. Add these factors to the stress of the social gatherings of the season can create greater isolation. Sitting alone on a cold dreary night may bring old ghost to visit. Pick up the phone, send a text. Invite someone to participate in your family celebration. Light a fire, a cigar and a open a bottle for some quiet time amongst friends. As we become more ensconced in our own activities we may forget those who need some companionship as well. The Holiday season can be very difficult for those who lost friends in combat. Some look for crowds some look for solitude. Either way just a quick buddy check will let them know they are not forgotten and you are available to give them a space to vent. Check in with your buddies!! 22 a day is to many!

Now I lay me down to sleep

We sleep peacefully at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf! What will happen when the rough men are gone? Sleep well gentle soul those willing to run into the chaos and turmoil still roam the earth. Be at peace for the warrior and the sheepdog stand forever on the tower. God Bless the warriors and the sheepdogs, without whom violence and death would rule the night! Sleep well and know if the wolf appears rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf!


After a gunfight at a creek,between Wyatt Earp and the Cowboys, Doc Holliday weak and coughing was asked why he was there? He stated that Wyatt Earp was his friend. The inquisitor stated he had lots of friends, to which Holliday replied I Don’t! I have many acquaintances very few friends. If we were to count dogs I would have a million. People however I have few. Some are lifelong and some are newly acquired. However some are so important they engage in a conversation so easily that it seems they are always there. My best friend and I have a bond that at times seems as if our psyche is intertwined, need arises, feelings are hurt or just plain stressed out, text appears or phone will ring. No need to reach out just a disturbance of the aura and we both know. Friends are very important but not just anyone makes the cut. I do not have friends for their benefit to me or because they are popular. I have few friends and these are people who are of a character and intellect that makes my day better. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If you have a friend reach out and just say hi.


American, what does this mean? The American is not based on a geographical location nor political viewpoint. The American is an idea. As Americans we are unified by our independent individualism. We unite to protect our free thought, expression and independence. We do not need to be part of the overall majority. Only willing to defend each individuals right to be free. America is not the land of the many, it is the home of the free. The idea of societal compliance with a single mindset is ridiculous to the American. We stand not for your ideas but the ability to have them and express them. The American is becoming a rare breed, free thought and independent living are now demonized by the insinuation of democracy. We are not a group think nation. We are a Republic of free people who only want to be left alone. We are not a mob and wish not to be forced to succumb to group think. Long live the rugged individualist, long live the dying breed of Americans!

Whipping Boy….

As society spirals towards the inevitable solution of tyranny and socialism, there must be a whipping boy. The whipping boy bore the brunt of the misbehavior of his aristocratic master. Since being of royal blood he could not be punished the whipping boy stood in for the misdeeds of his master. In today’s society free thinkers and patriots are the whipping boys. As we question the edicts of the self appointed aristocracy every ill upon the subjects is our fault. Your car won’t start, conspirators! You can’t get the new TV you want, conspirators! As society no longer accepts the premise that they are responsible for their own actions, someone must be held accountable for the loathsome existence they find themselves in. While accepting punishment for the crimes or failure of others is difficult, wear those stripes as a badge of honor. Never waiver from free thought and the independent spirit of a free people. In due time the weight of society will collapse and the free independent individual will prevail. Sleep soundly with a clear conscience that you have done no harm and have done your best to educate and care for others. You can only beat a dog so many times before you get bit!

The Republic is Dead!

The idea that we live in a free society is just that, an idea. The current administration has determined that free thinking independent citizens are dangerous subjects. The progressives who determine policy have unleashed a woke bureaucracy on the citizen. The non citizen is exempt from this persecution unless they have arrived from a currently socialist nation. The FBI is forcing google to give up search history and establishing key word protocols for warrants. The attorney general has unleashed the woke FBI on parents who ask questions or question the authority of elected school boards about how their children are educated. The truth is that we are all now subjects. No longer shall thought outside of the societal norms established by the current progressive regime be allowed. Dissent and Free speech, the backbone of our republic, have been outlawed. The veterans who served the citizen in defense of our Constitution have been labeled as a threat. The threat is not against the people the threat is that they will stand against the tyranny that is coming. I am proud to be an American, born of hardship and sweat. Taught by men who stood their ground and defended hearth and home. I am proud to be an independent thinker, to research and reach my conclusions with facts and data instead of emotion and social pressure. To my forefathers I apologize for standing idly by and giving away what was earned with blood, sweat and tears. The sacrifice that was made for our benefit was squandered for acceptance by a society that has no spine. We still have a chance they say. I see no future for this great proud nation, God blessed America, we denied his gifts of freedom and plenty. We have replaced our faith in God with the opinion of man. The consequences of relenting to a perverse and evil society will be reaped for generations. God Bless America, those who understand and appreciate freedom will be persecuted and ostracized until the word American is lost to history. A republic ma’am if you can keep it! We have lost!

Afghanistan a Review

As I sit contemplating the failure currently taking place in Afghanistan it occurred to me that the American Citizen means nothing to the current administration. We have; as in the past, abandoned our allies who assisted us in rooting out the terrorist assembly point. However, it appears now that we are also abandoning American Citizens in Afghanistan. Americans, our fellow countrymen, friends and neighbors are being abandoned in a foreign country we allowed to be overrun by terrorist. These Americans and our allies have already been identified. The sympathizers who are stranded will be killed by these animals. The citizens, our brothers and sisters, left behind will at best be killed. At worst be used as hostages to manipulate the current administration. I try to not use emotions when I write, however the time has come to emote. We as Citizens of America, we Better wake up, stand up and fight to save this country! I have a patch on my bag that sums it all up! No one is coming; it is up to us! We must keep our head and work hard to reestablish our Constitution, our Rights and Our Freedom! To the citizens abandoned by our government our prayers are with you! To our allies left behind, you fought the good fight. Remember the people who made this decision do not represent America. These people represent the Democratic Party and will decimate whatever or whomever gets in their way. To the military; remember you fought for us and the people beside you. You did the job that you were asked to do. This fiasco is no reflection on your ability, courage or sacrifice. Till tomorrow! Be safe and keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

The Coming of Fall

Here in the south we have false fall, summer and finally fall. In other areas of the country spring is thought of as a rebirth a new beginning. Down here Fall is considered the rebirth. Hunting season starts, the temperature drops and we begin the harvest. The cool nights bring friends together around campfires with a good bourbon pour. We look forward to the slow time as fall moves into winter. The work is done and we can enjoy some down time with friends and family. Living in the western part of the south we enjoy the change of the hardwoods from green and lush to a collage of color that only nature can produce. The woods open up and long walks are treasures that have no measure anywhere else in the world. The fall is the dream of all southern people as the mosquitoes and snakes find a hole and the woods are silent and still. Welcome fall with your calm and quiet and the many memories of ducks, bird dogs and deer. My best life lessons were learned at the back of a bird dog or the front of a pack of deer hounds. The lessons of consideration, politeness and respect are passed down through the rights of a hunting season. To all the men who took the time to make me a man, thank you! Another fall is coming and the tradition will continue. Raise a glass to the silence of the fall woods and the time spent becoming a man! I welcome fall and all its traditions and gifts.

The Pain of Age

As we grow older and have more behind us than in front of us we realize that our mistakes become the problems of the children. If you are able to look at the future of the children born today and see an opportunity for freedom and success you are delusional. We have allowed our Republic to fall into the hands of tyrants. We have sold the future of the children for our own benefit. As adults we are responsible for leaving a legacy of success for the future generations in our charge. It is our responsibility to teach them that they are responsible for themselves and only they can fail or succeed on their merit. We are responsible for teaching them a just morality that will allow them to interact with all people without judgement. We are responsible for teaching them the greatness of freedom. We teach them by living a just and upright life. By being the best example of the opportunity one can achieve by being intelligent, frugal and fair in all our actions. We have nothing to show them that is not corrupted by socialism and political correctness. If we speak and live the truth, we are labeled as extremist and outside societal norms. The pain of age is realizing that you have failed the ones you were supposed to raise, the ones who were a gift for you to nurture and show the way. The path is clouded by bias and divisive talk. If we fail now all the sacrifice and bloodshed were for naught! If you have a future generation hold them close and protect them! Show them through your actions that hope is realized in freedom!

Not for me but for thee!

As the socialists scream for equity and democracy, they flit around above the mandates they inflict on the rest of us. They are acting as if the laws and mandates do not apply to them. Acting as if they are above the rest of us. That is not very equitable, that is not following the rules set forth by the mob. Why would they believe they are above reproach or question? They believe that by flitting around pronouncing their wokeness to each other that they can’t be questioned or condemned. The media treats them as if they are an elite class of citizen. This is the world we now live in. Socialism is a mental disease, the idea that all must fail so that the population will be equal is insanity. We will be equal in poverty, suffering and disease. By we I mean the non elite ruling class. The ruling class who have destroyed the intellectual, the craftsman and the free thinker, will behave as if the world is right. They will not suffer, they will not have hunger or disease. Every nation that has taken the socialist route is this way. The elites eat drink and are merry on the backs of the population. These are usually ignorant, lazy and incapable people who have grand designs and no means to accomplish anything. These are the people currently running the show we are in now. Weak, immoral and buffoonish clowns incapable of surviving outside of government or its programs. The only accomplishment; being elected by a population unable to understand the consequences. The time to stand is now! Be involved in your governance and show them that opportunity and hard work is the only path. Show these moronic clowns that the responsibility of leadership is For Me and Not for Thee! Show these inept, incompetent socialist that we the people are in charge and they are out!