The Death of Violent Men

Learned today that a good friend passed away last night. He was a good man! A good man is not a gentle man, he is a man who curbs his preponderance for violence. The need to at times use violence to end a threat is an art that is fleeting in today’s society. While violence is not the answer to most problems, sometimes it is. Sometimes it is the confidence of knowing that if kind words fail, that your ability and courage will ultimately prevail. Knowing when and how to be violent to eliminate a threat is an art. Time, blood and sweat are the tuition necessary to attend this school. My friend was a master of the art of violence. Willing to intervene and run to the gunfire and smoke. As we lay these men of the martial way to rest; the art is fading. We all sleep peacefully in our beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf. May God Bless the Sheepdogs! May we always respect those who came before and honor their memories by living the martial way! Rest In Peace my Friend we have the Watch!!

Reading is fundamental!

Most people only read the headline and only watch the highlights. If we really want to know the answers we must read the whole story. If the whole story is a relentless single point of view look for other sources! Read the article or book and then read the references that were used to write it! Read all the books and listen to all the music!!


As Sunday is a day of rest for most Christians we will take a break. As we remind everyone to take a step away from the endless stream of repeated propaganda spewed by talking heads on both sides of the spectrum. Reflect on your religion and family and seek refuge in whatever brings you peace! Enjoy a day of rest and enjoy life! Freedom is a gift and we must enjoy it while we can!