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  • 2021 in Review a Synopsis

    A year ago a peaceful transition of power took place. An election was held and certified by the representatives of the citizens of this country. Covid still loomed like a vulture waiting for the final breath. To some it was a problem to others an opportunity. Those now in power played down the efficacy of the vaccines prior to obtaining control. Almost immediately those now in control began the pressure to obey and conform to the will of the government. This year has been about control. Control of a virus and control of a population. The promises of unity and efficiency where discarded almost immediately upon obtaining power. The divisiveness of vaccinated against unvaccinated began. Edicts and executive orders flowed. The citizen was required to vax up and mask up while record numbers of illegals poured across our border. Jobs were lost, pipelines shutdown while more and more money was given to those unable or unwilling to work. Record inflation, record energy cost. More mandates from Mayors and Governors seeking to punish the citizens they supposedly represent. Less energy and fewer workers meant less productivity and higher prices. The basics began to slowly dwindle. A major pipeline is hacked and fuel supplies dwindle along the eastern seaboard, adding to the supply chain issues. A new variant appears, the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike are stricken with the virus. What about the vaccine efficacy? More mandates more boosters, more threats to workers who fail to comply. Now it starts to become a problem. Less productivity, more restrictions on the supply chain. Now we need energy and employees to try and catch up. Rather than go to our own energy sector we got to opec and Russia. Again a new variant, even more threats and mandates and promises of restrictions. Get the jab and a booster or be excommunicated from society. Thanksgiving arrives and the head shed says if we all behave we can gather together at thanksgiving. Supply chain is grinding to a halt as we approach Christmas, same speech as has been regurgitated all year! This country out of fear and idleness has succumbed to tyranny without a whimper. The media and social pressure has divided families, friends and our nation to the brink of failure. We now speak of injections into children 5 years old and older. We have been subjugated by the socialist to believe only they can solve all the problems. It has been one Hell of a year and I look forward to its demise. Let’s hope that all the sorrow and death of the past 2 years is behind us. Let us hope that our Republic can rise from the ashes of unnecessary collapse. My wish is for a return to normalcy and restoration of our free will and freedom. Happy New Year! May the next 12 months not be a continuing saga of oppression and sacrifice at the hands of our own elected representatives.

  • 9-11

    2,977 Americans Killed and Over 6000 wounded. Twenty years later an incompetent and inept government led by the Democratic Party has made the sacrifice moot! These innocent victims were slaughtered by a theocracy that has no value in human life. They now control all we removed and have, by aid of the Democratic Party, invaded the United States through a wide open southern border and an unvetted Afghanistan population brought here. Always remember these lives were lost to a militant religious sect. These lives were lost because we are free. The current administration sees no value in your freedom as it takes away from their power. The unity of 9-12 must be reestablished if we are ever to honor these fallen Americans! Stay safe and stay free! Pray for the fallen and honor their lives by maintaining the freedom of this republic! God Bless America! May God once again shed his grace on these shores!’

  • 9-11-2001

    The day started like any other day, arrived at work, started my day. This day I was assigned a specific task in the office. As I was doing some drawings on the computer to update our maps, a co-worker came and said a plane hit the Towers. As we watched a second plane struck the second tower. One was an accident two is a plan. Then the Pentagon gets hit. My first call was to my then girlfriend now wife Megan, then to my friend Audrey. Audrey is my best friend, we have an ability to know when one is in trouble, dial the number all circuits are busy on the cell phones. Try again same thing! Reach and grab the land line on my desk, one ring then two, I hear Audrey on the phone panic and fearful walking away from the Pentagon. Sitrep on my two people complete. Call Audrey’s parents, inform them she is fine and walking out to a safe zone. Land line again pass a message from her parents to Audrey and get the updated location and progress of extraction. Update her family and check on Megan. Make a call Audrey is safe and secure and is en route to a safe location out of DC. During that day I was the only one able to speak to her on the phone. Every year we call or text just to remind ourselves that we have each other’s back no matter what. At the end of the day after securing our assets at work under a sky devoid of any air traffic, no planes in the sky, I realized how fragile our safety truly was. The lesson learned is that we should all have a comms plan, an alternative measure beyond land lines and cell phones. We must all have an account of who is where and how can we connect if there were a tragedy. This attack was a surprise and while we lived our lives, evil crept in and did us harm. We see now that the threat is all around us and we still are unprepared for tragedy. Everyone be vigilant, be prepared and if necessary be dangerous. On 9-11 several of my sheep were in danger and it was up to me to bring them back to the flock safely. On this day the Sheepdog was born, a protector of my flock and a menace to the wolves who choose to prey on them. Let’s all be Sheepdogs!

  • A Republic

    At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. In the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention, a lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy.” Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.” We have begun the downfall of all republics. We have lost our identity. Dwell long on the brevity of that response. If you can keep it. Deep words from a profound man. We have lost it.

  • Afghanistan

    As we see the slow deliberate loss of our influence in Afghanistan, we must reflect on the choices we have. The Afghani people were given the opportunity of freedom. They were shown the path to be a free independent people. Due to cultural inability to separate theology from government they failed. These are not a weak people, they have defended their country and way of life from invaders internally and externally for thousands of years. Why we look with sadness at the fall of this country back into a theocratic society under the harsh rule of Islam. It is the choice of the people. They were trained and equipped to stand for freedom against a theocratic rule and instead allowed the militant arm of the theocracy to prevail. We face a similar situation here. Instead of a theocratic enemy we have an enemy of ideology. The slow onset of ideas that go against the overall freedom of a people to be self reliant and governed by individuals that represent them has allowed our individual rights to be taken away one small bite at a time. Freedom is a participation sport, be involved or be a subject.

  • Afghanistan a Review

    As I sit contemplating the failure currently taking place in Afghanistan it occurred to me that the American Citizen means nothing to the current administration. We have; as in the past, abandoned our allies who assisted us in rooting out the terrorist assembly point. However, it appears now that we are also abandoning American Citizens in Afghanistan. Americans, our fellow countrymen, friends and neighbors are being abandoned in a foreign country we allowed to be overrun by terrorist. These Americans and our allies have already been identified. The sympathizers who are stranded will be killed by these animals. The citizens, our brothers and sisters, left behind will at best be killed. At worst be used as hostages to manipulate the current administration. I try to not use emotions when I write, however the time has come to emote. We as Citizens of America, we Better wake up, stand up and fight to save this country! I have a patch on my bag that sums it all up! No one is coming; it is up to us! We must keep our head and work hard to reestablish our Constitution, our Rights and Our Freedom! To the citizens abandoned by our government our prayers are with you! To our allies left behind, you fought the good fight. Remember the people who made this decision do not represent America. These people represent the Democratic Party and will decimate whatever or whomever gets in their way. To the military; remember you fought for us and the people beside you. You did the job that you were asked to do. This fiasco is no reflection on your ability, courage or sacrifice. Till tomorrow! Be safe and keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

  • Americans

    American, what does this mean? The American is not based on a geographical location nor political viewpoint. The American is an idea. As Americans we are unified by our independent individualism. We unite to protect our free thought, expression and independence. We do not need to be part of the overall majority. Only willing to defend each individuals right to be free. America is not the land of the many, it is the home of the free. The idea of societal compliance with a single mindset is ridiculous to the American. We stand not for your ideas but the ability to have them and express them. The American is becoming a rare breed, free thought and independent living are now demonized by the insinuation of democracy. We are not a group think nation. We are a Republic of free people who only want to be left alone. We are not a mob and wish not to be forced to succumb to group think. Long live the rugged individualist, long live the dying breed of Americans!

  • An End is not the pre cursor to a beginning!

    Unless you are one of those people who read the last page of a book first, the end is not the beginning. As this year ends, it does not show the promise of a new chapter. The constant division of the population will continue. The threats to your livelihoods, freedom and individualism will continue. The ever increasing cost and limited availability of common goods will worsen. There may be a new year new me, however there will be a new calendar page with the same storyline. The subjugation will continue and the story will advance at the same plodding pace as 2021. Embrace the constant assault of your rights and the divisiveness of the woke mob. Use the days before the new year to steel your nerves and prepare for the continuing misery of 2021. Happy New Year! May the new year find you stronger and better prepared for the continuing saga of a country slowly falling into a self induced decline.

  • Being the Master of you… sort of!

    No man can serve two masters. However man being easily manipulated will try. We as humans need to learn that narrow is the path and straight is the way. We cannot continue to try and fit our choices to the needs of an overreaching bureaucracy. If we are just and upright individuals we must make our own decisions and stand fast with the choice. People feel the need to fit in, be accepted. We must regain our own identity and serve ourselves as the master of us. We have dominion over our choices. We also seek guidance from a higher power, whom through an excellent sense of humor gave us free will. The duplicitous nature of an individual with free will is to think that they have all the answers, while struggling to gain knowledge. We are a fickle species in that we know what to do and fail to do what is required. Make a choice serve yourself and the mob, or acknowledge that there can only be one master. Good or evil the choice is yours! Don’t be wavering in your decision serve the master that serves your best interest and peace of mind.

  • Buddy Check

    Tomorrow is 20 years since the attack on America. If you are like me and had friends involved in this incident on 9-11 check in tomorrow. As these incidents are replayed over and over again strong emotions can be triggered which have been repressed. On top of 9-11 we have the abandonment of American citizens in Afghanistan by this current moronic government. Do a buddy check, invite them for some quiet meditation over a drink of fine bourbon. Be safe tomorrow as always, no one knows what the new day may bring! Always remember the fallen of 9-11 and the unity that existed on 9-12!